Create Timely YouTube Content with Google Trends [Creator’s Tip #84]

Create Timely YouTube Content with Google Trends [Creator’s Tip #84]

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The nifty thing about Google Trends, in relation to video, is that you can see what people are looking for and create content around those search trends.  With the handy graph that comes up after you enter your first search term, you can start entering other topics and compare them against all the subjects you are interested in.  A lot of these trends have “spikes” as well, which tells you which day a certain topic is most popular.  And recently, Google added YouTube results back to 2008 into the fray.  Google Trends can definitely give you an idea about what kind of content you could be successful making.

Using Google Trends for Making YouTube Content

Got any tips for using Google Trends for more visible YouTube content?  Leave a comment below or on the watch page.

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip, I’m going to show you guys how to use Google Trends to take a guess at what type of content and channels you should be
making here on YouTube. That’s coming up.

Hey, guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer, and welcome to another Creator’s Tip where every week, we here at ReelSEO do our best to help you guys for making
online video content know how to make it perform the best, and what better way to know how to make video content perform than knowing what other type of
content has already performed well in the past, and that is exactly what Google Trends can tell you. This last week, they announced that they now include
YouTube data. There’s a couple different ways you could use this, but the one that seems to stick out the most to me is that it lets you make a good,
educated decision about how your content might perform going forward based on what it’s done in the past.

Let me know you how it works. So you come here to Goggle Trends at, and let’s say you were thinking about making two different types of
channels and you’re not sure which one you should do. Let’s say the first one is related to tech gear, so you’re like, let’s see what the Google Trends are
considering that. Okay, so it looks like it’s kind of going a slow downwards. These letters at the top show different news headings that are significant
for that area. We can just turn those off right now, but it looks like they’re kind of headed down, but let’s say I also may be thinking about doing maybe
game reviews I like both of those things. Which one should I do? They’re both kind of going down. Game reviews seems to be going down at a steeper rate. I
can click right there, and let’s put these two side by side.

So which one do you think I should focused on based on this data that we see here? Well, it kind of depends. You can see that there’s probably a lot less
demand for tech gear than there is game reviews, but let’s say we want to come here and see. Let’s look at where the most interest lies, so here’s game
reviews for geographic location and tech gear, same thing. So we can see that game reviews has a much broader audience across more countries than tech gear
might, which is basically US, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and India.

Now I would also probably do a little bit more detailed research than this. I would probably start looking at some of these related ones like video game
reviews, how does that stack up, and maybe try to really fine-tune both of these searches to kind of get them to where they really provide valuable
information for me. Now a key thing to consider here, though, is that web search is so far what we’ve been limiting this to. This is the new feature right
here. YouTube search and we can see video game reviews doesn’t do much differently, but let’s go back to our original two comparisons of game reviews and
let’s also add in tech gear and we’ll see how similarly it performs just on YouTube as it does in search. Again, if we go back to geographical listings,
United States is pretty much the only one interested in tech gear and game reviews is still pretty broad, still narrower and again, we could narrow these
down and really dig in deep to try a couple different terms, related terms that would really help us figure out what type of channel might be most worth
our time in pursuing next.

Now all that said, you should definitely focus on whatever type of channel and video content you feel you’re most passionate about, that you feel like you
can have the biggest contribution in giving to the YouTube community, but if you’re equally tied between a couple different options, maybe Google Trends
can help you make some of those decisions

I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments below. As always, how would you use the new YouTube search feature on Google Trends to help you make what
kinds of decisions about past content, future content, strategy, vision, direction, all that kind of stuff. You guys are awesome. I learn from you all the
time, so please help me out with this. I’d love to learn from you guys, and if this is your first time here, we’d love to have you subscribe for other
future Creator’s Tips, and also check out if you want to know kind of some of the news that’s happening in the online video
industry and what it means for those of us who are video creators and other stuff, so go check that out. Also, go to and look at all the
awesome stuff for publishing for you guys all throughout the week and I will see you guys again next week for another Creator’s Tip video. Bye.


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