Space Oddity From Space and Real-Life Facebook: Fun Video Friday

Space Oddity From Space and Real-Life Facebook: Fun Video Friday

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Chris Hadfield sang David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on his way back down to Earth, and came back as a bonafide YouTube star in the process.  His videos already did pretty well, but “Space Oddity” has hit 12 million views in 4 days.  It’s definitely the biggest highlight of the week, but it’s not the only one.  It’s not even the only video with Chris Hadfield in it.  We have two videos from Rhett & Link, Epic Meal Time makes a Bacon Arachnid, and Reservoir Dogs gets what it always deserved: sock puppet treatment.  So sit back and enjoy: it’s Fun Video Friday.

Fun Video Friday, May 17

I think Chris Hadfield’s version of “Space Oddity” has a chance over the course of the year to become one of the top 10 YouTube videos of 2013:

{Video taken down – as promised – after 1 year]

Rhett & Link play the most complicated board game ever:

Teenage boys Jack & Cormac become overnight stars on “Britain’s Got Talent” with a great Of Monsters and Men rendition:

Extremely Decent Films, which made this awesome video about cable companies, has another awesome video about what it would be like to have Facebook updates in real life:

Epic Meal Time creates a Bacon Arachnid.  It’s as scary as it probably is tasty:

Mystery Guitar Man uses 1300 frames and a turntable to animate his latest music video:

The Reservoir Dogs “no one goes by their Christian names” scene, done with sock puppets:

A tiny goat on a horse?  Well, that pretty much has to be seen:

Ducks save someone from a speeding ticket.  What, again?

Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu just got a fan for life:

This is what a sandstorm looks like when you’re in a plane…heading into it:

You’ve seen sand attack.  Now watch ice attack:

Holland wants you to know that what we think is “cool” is just them being themselves:

Rhett & Link have made a “cracking” commercial for Ryan Lee Chiropractic that is oddly…sexy?

With Arrested Development‘s return imminent, it’s only natural that Tobias Fünke would have an audition tape out:

Casino Royale‘s opening scene in Lego form:

VSauce asks, “What if you were born in space?”

As always, have a great Friday.


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