How Influencers and Digital First Publishers Are Leading Social Video in Australia

How Influencers and Digital First Publishers Are Leading Social Video in Australia

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Did you know that the consumption of online video in Australia increased by 1 minute 6 seconds per day from Q2 2017 to Q4 2017, while during the same timeframe, broadcast TV consumption decreased by 6 minutes and 40 seconds? That’s a staggering figure, but just how big are Facebook and YouTube in the Australian market, and what creators and publishers are driving social video growth on those platforms?

In a new report from Tubular Labs, we take a look at the opportunities for Australian media Companies in digital video and give you the down-low on how the Australian audience consumes video by content, language, and location. Highlights from the report include:

  • What content genres are driving growth across Facebook and YouTube
  • Content growth opportunities for Australian publishers and influencers
  • How Australian content is being consumed across the world
  • What’s driving Australian Gen Z video consumption? (spoiler: gaming)
  • What are the upcoming trends across social video in Australia
  • Extras: Social video trends across APAC
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In this post we will highlight the rise of the media company in the Australian video ecosystem, and how brands are partnering with Australian influencers on sponsored video campaigns.

Social Video: The Rise of the Media Company

On YouTube, views from content published by Australian Media companies has grown by 56% in the past year compared to the 32% growth for the whole of the Australian market. Demand for TV content on YouTube is particularly high, leading to a 37% increase in platform views over the past two years.

So what type of content is driving this growth in views? Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s the Entertainment genre which saw a 20% increase in YouTube views for uploads around reality and general entertainment content. Not only do shows like ‘Love Island’ attract millions of views on traditional and cable broadcast channels, they attract massive fan attention on platforms like YouTube. But the reach of broadcast TV extends far beyond the continent. Overall, Australian based creators exported 80% of their views to non-Australian audiences. There were more social video views from UK viewers than Australian viewers for ‘Love Island Australia’

Takeaway: There is a huge opportunity for Australian TV creators to grow an international audience on YouTube

Data from ‘How Influencers and Digital First Publishers Are Leading Social Video in Australia’ Tubular Labs September 2018

The Rise of Sponsored Content in Australia

Australian creators generated 288M views of sponsored content in 2017,  and this figure has already passed 381M in 2018. That’s an increase of 229% over 2 years and sends a strong signal that Australian brands are finding more ways to work with the country’s top influencers and digital first publishers to reach their target audience – and beyond.

When it comes to top creators, Australia’s Top 100 Influential YouTubers have seen even faster growth than the rest of Australia – 1469% in just over two years. Mega influencers like CKN Toys, Lachlan, Ozzy Man Reviews, AFL, and SMG4 are partnering with brands on sponsored content uploaded to their own channels, and generated millions of views for the products and services those brands offer.

The August 2018 Sponsored Video Leaderboard for Australia showcases the brands and partner campaigns that are creating a buzz across Facebook and YouTube:

Brands with Most Sponsored Content views in 2018 so far include Samsung Australia, KFC, AAMI, Woolworths, LEGO, and Foxtel.

Takeaway: Sponsored content is proving to be a valuable method of monetizing views and brands are increasing investment in Australian creators

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