Reel Weekend: Social Networks Targeted By Video Spoofs and One Real Film

Reel Weekend: Social Networks Targeted By Video Spoofs and One Real Film

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So, everyone in the Social Networking realm is all a flutter (bet you thought I’d say a twitter) about a string of spoof trailers for imaginary films based on the creation and usage of the social networks, spawned from a real trailer for a real film, mind you. Since that all falls roughly into the ReelSEO realm, I thought, why not do up a weekender on it. So here you go. Let’s see… I suppose we should start with, The Social Network,the actual film that’s being made right? What? You didn’t know? Are you completely out of touch with reality (maybe it’s just me)? Haven’t you checked your Twitter page or your YouTube comments? What’s wrong with you people!

Here, watch this, I’m going to make myself a sandwich.

Alright so that’s the real deal. It’s based (loosely we hear) on the book The Accidental Billionaires which talks about the phenomenon which is the Facebook Social Network (duh…). The film looks to mingle some of the actual startup issues they faced along with some current, more relevant ones, like privacy, etc. Fictionalized or sensationalized one might say.

Of course in the realm of Social Networking, nothing…is…sacred (or private). Hey, that would make an ever better tagline for the film than what they’ve got, am I right?

Of course, if Facebook is getting an actual movie, MySpace would want one too. But they’re not getting one. Instead, they got this spoof trailer:

OK, as funny as it is, it’s also sort of sad. MySpace only has 12 million users? Sniff, Sniff, no wonder they’re in the dumps.

Moving, on, we come to the place I resisted using the longest because I thought, who cares if you can tell everyone you’re on the can taking a dump in 140 characters or less. No, I’ve never actually written that on my Twitter account, nor would I as it falls fairly deeply into the TMI zone (too much info, FYI, for your info, ok enough of that).

I am grateful however, that they allowed us 15 characters for our usernames as it was perfect for ChristophorRick and GamersDailyNews oddly. It’s like it was meant to be. Go ahead, count ’em up, 15 each.

That one is, according to some, the best parody to date. Alright, I did laugh out loud really hard when he said “If Twitter was as useless and as boring as they say, then someone would have Tweeted it.” Hell, even typing it made me laugh again.

Alright, and of course, a barrage of video-based spoofs wouldn’t be complete, without the Video Sharing social network themselves being targeted. After all, most of these videos are on YouTube.

Yeah, not quite as cool as the Twitter one, nor as epic as the real Social Network film. In fact, it’s not nearly as entertaining as any of them really. That’s a shame since it’s about the video one and all heh. So my question is, when can we expect a Bebo, Hi5 or…hey, where’s Digg? Man I bet Kevin Rose is pissed…


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