SES San Jose 2009 Offers New Focus On Social Media and Video

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ses09_logoThe Search Engines Strategies Conference & Expo (SES for short) has got some big names lined up. It was recently announced that on 11 August,  Clickz, Google and YouTube will hold an event (no not for Christophor Rick’s Birthday…though it’s the same day) in conjunction with SES that will be focused entirely on Social Media and Video Strategy.

Kristin Kovner, the Industry Marketing Manager at YouTube, posted the following on the Youtube Biz Blog,

“We’re excited to be a part of this first-time ever event. SES is one of the best places for businesses to learn about search; now that YouTube has millions of searches each day, it’s only fitting that ClickZ and SES are expanding the agenda to include a full day dedicated to video and social media.”

What?  That is right, an entire day will be dedicated to Social Media and Video Strategies.  Yipee.  I’m going.

Social Media and Video Strategies – August 10th

shirky-here-comes-everybodySES San Jose 2009 is set to run 10-14 August at the McEnery Convention Center.  The 10th is filled with half day workshops while Clay Shirky, Author of “Here Comes Everybody”, will kick things off on the first full day of activities with the Opening Keynote.  Following the keynote, those that register specifically for the Social Media & Video Strategies Forum can attend the following sessions that day:

  • Marketing in a Social Media World
  • Going Social: Effective Advertising via Social Networks
  • In the Now: Conversational & Real Time Marketing
  • What Works: Online Video Advertising Made Easy With Google & YouTube
  • What Works: Best Practices / Case Studies for Online Video
  • A Social Visit: CMO Fireside Chat with Robert Scoble as the moderator

Greg JarboeOur friend Greg Jarboe of SEO PR, will be presenting in the “What Works: Best Practices / Case Studies for Online Video” session.   Greg is a though leader and has spoken at previous SES conferences about video marketing in conjunction with Youtube.  Greg has been creating and optimizing videos for Youtube for many years, even before they were acquired by Google.  Coincidentally, he just recently finished writing a book titled “Youtube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day,” which will be published right around the time that the conference is occurring, mid-August.

“No, I didn’t know that Social Media & Video Strategies would be held in conjunction with SES San Jose 2009 when I started writing last fall. But I did know that was on its way to being the destination where 107.1 million Americans went to watch 6.8 billion videos each month, according to comScore Video Metrix. I also knew YouTube was on its way to becoming the #2 property where search activity is observed, with 3.2 billion search queries a month in the U.S., behind only Google, with 9.8 billion search queries a month.

In a few weeks, we will be writing a review of the book as well as featuring some guest posts and interviews with Greg about the subject of marketing video content via YouTube.  Stay tuned.  If you want to, you can pre-order the book here.

More about SES San Jose 2009 Conference and Expo

In addition to the opening keynote address, other keynotes include Nicholas Fox, Business Product Management Director, AdWords, Google and Charlene Li, Co-Author of Groundswell on How to Prepare for the Future of Search. The final day (14th) is a day full of SEM Training.

The event will truly be of interest to everyone in the search engine, SEO, online video and small to medium business areas (even Christophor expressed interest in attending but he’s still in the Balkans – haha).

The fifth year of the San Jose-based expo is aimed at marketing teams, executives and IT/Web personnel. Other sessions promising to spread the depth and scope of the expo include presentations from Facebook, Omniture, YouTube, Google and Clickz.

The full event is running about $2,000 with a one day pass going for about $900 and SEM training for $750-1400. If you just want to attend the expo it’s free (if you get the pass in advance) or $50 at the door. That will of course exclude you from all the really great content of the conference.

With regard to the Social Media and Video Strategies forum, you will need to register for that separately.  If you register before August 7th there is a discounted rate of $144 for the day.  I think they are offering the discount specifically in honor of my birthday, which is the 7th, but I haven’t confirmed that ;-).

The Expo side of things is fit to see companies from around the web on display including the likes of search marketers (Search Marketing Standard, Idearc), ad networks, metrics giants (like ComScore), video search and platforms (Blinkx, Adfare Video Solutions, etc… ), public relations (PRWeb), software (network solutions, Rosetta) and social networks (Facebook)

Should you Go to this Event?

Hell yes! Whether your new at the search and online marketing game or an old hat this is surely a must attend event for people in business big and small.  If you are unable to attend the full SES conference, at least consider registering for the Social Media and Video Strategy Forum.  We are thrilled that they are offering this special day along side SES.

TubeMogul recently commissioned a study that helps to demonstrate why the focus on video and social media is a good fit for the conference.

How do people discover videos online?

  • 45% of all videos are found on a video site, i.e. going to YouTube and doing a search or clicking around featured and related videos.
  • 44% of all videos are found embedded in blogs.
  • 6% of all videos are found with search engines, like Google.
  • 2% of all videos are found in social networks, like Facebook.
  • 2% of all videos found in social bookmarking sites.
  • Less than 1% of all videos are found with video search engines, like Google Video.

44% are embedded in blogs? That’s a very large percentage and means you need to have your videos available in some embeddable form for your readers. On the other end of the spectrum, only 6% are found with search engines…a problem with them or with how we’re putting our video online?

Find out at the conference!


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