Interview With Mixpo CEO On Video Solutions for SMBs

Interview With Mixpo CEO On Video Solutions for SMBs

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Attendees of today’s Search Marketing Expo Local-Mobile conference in San Francisco who want solutions for how to be more effective with their online marketing should check out the end-of-day panels featuring video solutions providers. The sessions are titled,  Local Search 3.0: Engaging the Community; and Targeting Locals in a Blended Search World.

One of the notable SEO benefits of the Mixpo platform: Multiple videos can be developed from a single original client video, allowing for an easier assembly of video content applied for both search optimization and video advertising.

I had the opportunity to interview one of the speakers Anupam Gupta, President and CEO of the Mixpo – just prior to his session. 

As its been well-covered here at ReelSEO, Mixpo is a turnkey video marketing solution geared specifically for local SMBs (small-to-medium businesses), which combines a self-service platform with hosting, a interactive video player, online editing and more importantly, deep analytics allows clients the to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and optimize them over time.

“This is an exciting time for online video advertising. More advertising dollars and marketing budgets are moving towards video. Big brands and big advertisers jumped into video first. Now there are millions of small brands and advertisers that are just starting to get exposed to online video.” says Anupam.

Anupam explains that SMBs are in an ideal position to take advantage of video marketing and Video SEO. “Video is a powerful mechanism for communicating what your business is all about,” says Anupam. “Video drives more qualified leads and conversions, all in a way that is measurable and where we can show accountability. Measurability and accountability is what made search marketing successful, “and that’s what SMBs and SMB advertisers need to be all about to succeed.”

Adding to the benefits of video are interactivity technologies for direct customer engagement. In the top-right hand corner of each Mixpo video is an icon, which allows the viewer to choose from a series of calls-to-action any time during video play.

“We’re already seeing a lot of interest from the SMB industry. Video is in the early stages where we’re going to see a lot of ramp in even just the next number of months to come.” says Anupam.

Anupam explains that Mixpo has two constituents: The actual advertiser (client) who wants to be more effective in their online marketing; and the aggregator, who already has a relationship with these customers. Mixpo refers to “aggregators” as interactive agencies, directories, publishers, etc.

“What we hear from agencies – including firms involved in search marketing and SEO – is that they need more effective marketing solutions and capabilities to serve their clients in a better way, and show them how they can drive measurable results.” says Anupam. “What we hear from advertisers, is what they’ve been traditionally doing online hasn’t necessarily worked, or they can’t really measure the effectiveness of all of their marketing programs.”

Both of these constituents do understand search as a measurement tool, “and really love the ability where they can measure things on their own.” says Anupam. “Everything Mixpo provides is backed by a very solid measurement platform,” which allows for optimization of both performance and visibility online.

As for Mixpo’s business model, it’s rather simple: cost-effective opportunities for SMB advertisers, and sharing advertising revenue with their aggregator partners, whatever their sharing model may be. “Their success is our success,” says Anupam.

As for a sneak preview into his presentation, Anupam shared with me that people attending his session can expect to learn about Mixpo’s recent partnership activities and how they will benefit search marketers involved, or looking to get involved, in the local video space. He also mentioned that their own solution is a good compliment to the fellow video speaker TurnHere, which concentrates more on the creative agency side of video production compared to Mixpo’s focus on their self-service platform. Mixpo does offer their own creative agency services, but Anupam looks at TurnHere as a technology and marketing ally for the emerging local video space, and not really a competitor.


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