Skype Live Mobile Video Chat App To Be Announced CES 2011?

Skype Live Mobile Video Chat App To Be Announced CES 2011?

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Like most tech companies, Skype will have a presentation to make at the upcoming CES show, and it’s been rumored to be a mobile video-related feature and potentially available via 3G vs. Apple’s Facetime, which is currently only available via WiFi.  The company is being a bit of a tease today over at its What’s Next page, with a message that simply says, “I wish I could share moments like these.”  The general consensus seems to be that the company is planning to announce or release a mobile video chat app.

Below the teaser message about sharing is a series of videos.  Most of them depict regular, everyday events like a fireworks show, a child’s birthday celebration, or a snow storm.  You know… the kinds of moments you might choose to share video of with friends and family who aren’t able to be present while they’re occurring.  Which leads one to assume that Skype’s upcoming big announcement is related to recording and sharing video via mobile devices.

There aren’t a lot of details.  Aside from the tag line and the videos (each of which has a short description), there isn’t much else on the page.  Take a look:

The company has been Tweeting out the link to the What’s Next page all day, so they definitely want us to be curious and full of questions and theories.  Mostly they’re still just being coy with statements like this one:

This has to be related to live mobile video chat, because nothing else makes sense.  And because that kind of functionality could be huge–particularly if it’s cross-platform.  Of course, there’s so little information at this point that we can’t even be sure which mobile platforms will get this new mystery feature.  It could be Android only, iPhone only, or both.

It is, of course, possible that we’re all wrong, and that Skype’s big video-related announcement has nothing whatsoever to do with a mobile video chat app.  But odds are we’re not wrong, and Skype is going to challenge Apple’s Facetime with a new video-enabled phone app.  We’ll have to wait for confirmation and for the specific details on the feature.  But considering that only iPhone 4 owners have the means to do live mobile video chat–and then only with other iPhone 4 owners–a similar app from Skype would be welcomed with open arms–though, perhaps not  as vigorously by folks without a front-facing camera.


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