Silverlight Makes Gains, Shines On Kaltura and Ooyala

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Apparently, and I find this rather shocking, Silverlight is installed on 60% of connected devices. SIXTY percent. I am guessing that is mostly because it is now coming pre-installed on Windows machines and smartphones? As a result both Kaltura and Ooyala have begun to support the platform.

Silverlight, Microsoft’s answer to the Adobe Flash player, has been around for three years now and in just four months went from 45% to 60%. Not a bad growth in the install base. With the release of Silverlight 4 set for next week (April 13),  Microsoft will add a lot of new features and are taking it outside of the browser and trying to make it a full-featured media player. To that end it received support for hardware accelerated video with multi-codec DRM and smooth streaming as well as vector and bitmap graphics with perspective 3-D (in Silverlight 4).

But that’s not all, the framework itself also got a slew of things aimed squarely at the smartphone market including multitouch and accelerometer support, GPS-based Microsoft location service and push notification. Since it can handle both audio and video it’s also capable of capturing both from the phone’s built in devices.

All of that is adding up to a fairly robust framework that could see live streaming, videocalling and more in the near future giving a whole new set of applications built on it to compete with the burgeoning Android and iPhone markets.

It also means that video platforms are starting to sit up and take notice of it. Both Ooyala and Kaltura just recently announced that their platforms will begin supporting Silverlight. While they are not the first to do so (ExtendMedia, iStreamPlanet & Origin Digital all have it), they are some larger names in the marketspace. What it means for them is that coupled with their pre-existing Flash support and their new HTML 5 initiatives they will be allow customers to stream video to pretty much every available connected device.

Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO had this to say:

“Kaltura’s video platform will offer all major video technologies, including Silverlight, Adobe Flash, and HTML5.  The addition of Silverlight enables rich new functionalities and provides greater flexibility to our users. Silverlight is a great enhancement to our developer community as it enables developers who are fluent in the Microsoft developer platform to participate and build new applications that provide unique value to Silverlight publishers.”

The Silverlight-based player and Internet Information Services Smooth Streaming will be available with Kaltura’s hosted and self-hosted editions.

Ooyala also today announced their intentions to support Silverlight in addition their Flash and HTML 5 options as well.

“We’re very excited to be announcing our video solution for Silverlight,” said Chris Wong, an Ooyala SVP. “As more Studios and Broadcasters put their long-form content online, they’re demanding delivery technologies like Silverlight to deliver a more secure and high quality video experience to their consumers across all platforms. One example is the increase in demand for Silverlight use for the World Cup Soccer championship this year.”

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