Shure: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

Shure: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

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Welcome to ‘Through the Wringer’, a regular look behind the curtain of a well-known brand or creator to see what kind of video marketing, optimisation, community, and promotional strategy is working well for them on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. This week, it’s the turn of Shure, a world-leader in microphones, and other audio equipment.

Shure do a lot right on YouTube – hence the overall score of 75% – but there are many things it could improve on that would prove helpful in getting its videos discovered in search, and to help give the viewer more context about its video content.

For instance, better use of keywords in the titles, and the inclusion of more relevant tags could help generate more views. Viewers will search for videos on YouTube using specific keywords, so optimising titles for those keywords helps return those videos higher in the search results. Also, Shure could start using interactive end slates to guide the viewer into subscribing, or watching another branded video.

Next week we’ll be taking a look at the one and only PewDiePie and his phenomenal success on YouTube. Is there a brand or creator you’d like to see us cover? Just let us know in the comments below!

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This week we’ll be looking at Shure’s YouTube channel so let’s load it up and see what insights we can squeeze out starting with Content.


Shure is in the business of sound. Making legendary microphones, mixing boards, and audio listening equipment for 90 years. Shure microphones have been used by Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy, and Weird Al Yankovich On YouTube Shure has 380 public videos with a total of 461k views.

Their viewership is split evenly between how-to videos, interviews, and product videos. The how to content works as pull content, since it pulls in new viewers in from search. Their interviews work well as push content, and their product videos act as the pop at the top of the content pyramid.


On the optimization side their most popular tutorial could use a little tweaking. The title is fine, but the tags could some basic additions like “how to wear earphones”. I’ve found this to be true across most of their educational content. Can you guess what this video is about based on the tags alone? If you said “How shotgun microphones work” you’d be amazingly correct.

I also found that many of their product videos don’t contain links to product pages in the description, cards, or annotations. It’s a little extra work, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.


On the promotion side Shure does a good job organizing their channel page featuring their new line of MOTIV digital microphones as well as their interviews and educational content. They also have a nice collection of organized playlists to help viewers discover more content.

A missed opportunity would have to be the lack of an end card. Many of their videos simply end and don’t push viewers to take any kind of action. Based on the kind of video they could push viewers to watch another video, subscribe to the channel, or check out a product page to learn more.


On the community side Shure has a pretty decent engagement rate for a brand. It’s actually a whole number. And I was able to find a few examples of Shure even responding to comments on YouTube which is fantastic.

A big opportunity for them would have to be community engagement. Their musician interviews are the closest thing to push content they have, but they look and act like a TV interview. Assuming they know in advance which musicians they’ll be interviewing they could create a call for questions video on YouTube and then incorporate the best and most relevant questions when conducting the interview. This would bring a huge influx of comments and audio related questions while also providing an exciting reason to subscribe. I mean, what if Weird Al answers your question?!

The Verdict:

Shure is one of the savviest 90 year olds on YouTube but could optimize and socialize more. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s review of gaming juggernaut PewDiePie. Check out these other fine reviews, or schedule a in-depth audit of your brand’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week when we put yet another channel through the wringer.


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