Sharing of Online Video Ads Aired During Super Bowl 2014 Down 29%

Sharing of Online Video Ads Aired During Super Bowl 2014 Down 29%

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The telecast of the Seattle Seahawks’ victory over the Denver Broncos drew in 111.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched TV event in U.S. history. But, a disappointing performance by the ads that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl saw shares of branded videos drop by almost 25 percent last quarter. This is despite overall sharing rising by a fifth (22 percent) over the last 12 months.

That’s according to a new report published today by Unruly, which showed that FMCG/CPG and Charities/Non-Profits were the only verticals to increase their share of voice in the first quarter of 2014. Meanwhile, the shares of video ads from Tech brands decreased by 55.9 percent and the shares of video ads from Automotive brands decreased by 45.8 percent.

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The main reason for the drop was the lackluster performance of brands during the Super Bowl 2014, which saw shares of ads drop by at third (29 percent) from the previous year. It’s the first time online shares of advertisements aired during the Super Bowl have decreased year-on-year.

That’s despite Budweiser taking the crown for the most shared Super Bowl ad for the second year in a row. The dominant performance of “Puppy Love”, together with its commercial “A Heroes’ Welcome”, helped the beer brand overtake Volkswagen to become the most shared Super Bowl brand of all time.

Other highlights from Unruly’s Q1 2014 Insights report include:

  • The average share rate (the percentage of people who watched the ad and shared it) dropped from 2.9 percent last quarter to 2.6 percent;
  • Entertainment was once again the strongest sector, attracting almost half (47.2 percent) of the total number of shares of branded videos;
  • Thinkmodo’s “Devil Baby Attack” ad- a ‘prankvert’ to promote Twentieth Century Fox horror movie, Devil’s Due, was the most shared ad of Q1 2014. The ad attracted 2.05 million shares last quarter, making it the most shared ad of 2014 so far and the 22nd most shared ad of all time. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” and “Most Shocking Second A Day Video” ads, by UK charity Save The Children, were second and third respectively;
  • Videos from UK charity Save The Children and Coordown saw the Charity/Non-Profit sector enjoy a 326.6 percent, increase from the previous quarter;
  • Auto brands attracted 73.8% of the shares at Super Bowl 2011, and 76.6% at Super Bowl 2012. Fast forward to 2014 and that figure has shrunk to 15.4%.

Unruly’s Insight Director, Ian Forrester, said: “This year’s dip in shares of Super Bowl ads – the first time it has ever happened – shows it’s not enough to focus solely on making quality content. Savvy brands entertain consumers with engaging content but must also focus on optimizing distribution to make the most of their $4 million+ investment in advertising during the Super Bowl. Simply airing an ad during the Super Bowl is not enough to trigger online success.”

These poor results are especially striking given the overall growth in video sharing over the last 12 months. Ian added: “Overall sharing over the last 12 months is up, which shows that more and more people are sharing branded content. Plus, despite only being a few months into 2014, we have already seen some standout campaigns.

“Videos like ‘Devil Baby Attack,’” added Mr. Forrester, “show that movie companies can have a lot of online success by trying something different to the tried-and-trusted movie trailer format, and the success by charities such as Save The Children and Coordown demonstrate what can be achieved by brands large and small with the right social video strategy.”

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