Several Million In Ad Dollars To Hulu

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Reports are saying that Publicis has shifted several million dollars of ad spend to Hulu from other places though we’re not sure where those places exactly are or do we?Publicis Groupe media agency MediaVest is said to be looking to drop millions on the online broadcast TV backed site says Adweek.While actual numbers weren’t mentioned they did say that the money was coming from traditional TV as well as other websites. Uh oh TV execs, time to panic! Well except for those that are all involved in the Hulu project. They’re going to take that money and aim it directly at specific demographics. Hopefully,  this will keep Hulu free to use for the time being and stop their testing of subscription models. Personally, I’m against paying for something when I should be able to get it free and TV is free generally.

We also hear that Media Vest will do some research on how effective the ads are on Hulu and how well they do at targeting demographics.

Oddly, of all the places this deal could have happened, it didn’t happen on YouTube even though Publicis has a decent relationship with Google…maybe something’s gone sour there?

Millions of dollars sure will buy a lot of impressions, even at the estimated $30 CPM at Hulu lately. I guess they are completely dedicated to the Hulu cause.


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