Monetizing Video Content With SEO – Interview With Red Bricks Media

Monetizing Video Content With SEO – Interview With Red Bricks Media

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Grant Crowell back from the adtech conference in San Francisco. Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ed Kim, CEO of the search and performance marketing firm, Red Bricks Media. Last year, ReelSEO’s Mark Robertson and I spoke with Ed the Video SEO panel at PubCon along in Las Vegas.

I talked with Ed after the panel he spoke on – Digital Distribution Strategies: How to Drive Incremental Revenues through Syndication and Licensing – about the importance around syndicating and licensing professional video content online, while incorporating SEO strategies for that video content.

Q&A with Ed Kim of Red Bricks Media

What is your company’s background with publishing companies doing online video?

We’ve amassed a client list including major publishers, including McGraw Hill, Time Inc., Sunset, Conde Nast Publications, and Hearst Magazines. As part of just working with publishers, we have experience thinking about syndication strategies as well as how to monetize their digital content.

What was the main theme of your panel?

This panel was all about how do we go from an age of analog dollars to digital pennies, but get it back to digital dimes and dollars.

Has the transition from traditional media to digital, including online video, been a rude awakening for traditional publishing companies?

I think there was a rude awakening for a lot of these publishers, where they built out these websites, and just thought that by the strength of their brand, or the strength of their offline traditional media, that people were going to come . But what they found pretty quickly on is that just wasn’t a reality.

Do you find there to be a high demand around production and consumption of online video content with publishers?

There’s definitely a high demand on video content. They’re definitely a premium on video content in terms of advertising. But people are still figuring out what those advertising models are. So its still challenging in that regard. But we do believe that, long term, there’s going to be a “video-fication” of the web, that video content will be increasingly (with broadband distribution as it is) be the primary form of media consumption online.

What role do you see regular, user-generated content (UGC) around video playing in the years to come? Will it have less emphasis with consumers as more professional production quality video enters the online space (from publishers?)

UGC is here to stay. is going to be a mixture of professionally-generated video content, as well as regular user-generated. I think the boundaries are being blurred more and more; and I think that people aren’t thinking so much about professional versus regular user-generated; they’re just thinking about what’s compelling.

Most publishers don’t seem to be applying SEO strategies to their video content. How important do you think that is for these publishers to start implementing?

A key point that we’re trying to make here is that with any publisher or content owner, you also have to think about the traffic-driving strategies. That’s where SEO comes into play, along with all of your other integrated marketing efforts. As you think about the traffic drivers and the monetization, you have to think about what are the economics in-between.

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