How to Seed Videos via Key Influencers & Grow Your Audience [Creator’s Tip #34]

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip episode Tim Schmoyer and Kevin Nalty talk about how to reach out to key influencers and how to start seeding your videos so they’re seen and shared by others, especially if you don’t have many viewers to begin with.

One of the things to remember when creating video is that with the competition in the market today, just creating a video and posting it on YouTube does not guarantee your video will be viewed.  With so many creators using paid search or buying views those methods are no longer sufficient today to achieve a high number of views.

Video Seeding Best Practices: What NOT to Do

The best thing you can do for your video is seed it.  First understand that seeding is different then spamming where you would likely mass mail a large number of bloggers to try to get them to share your video.  Seeding requires building good relationships with bloggers and sites in your niche and providing good content.

  1. Don’t send every video you create to your blogger list. Only send them videos that are relative to their blog topics or have real value.
  2. Don’t just send your video or content.  If you are able to provide content from other sources you will be viewed as more of a curator and valuable resource rather than a self promoter.
  3. Don’t mass mail.  Be sure to send personalized messages to the bloggers or partners you wish to share with in order to build a better creative relationship.

Keep in mind, seeding is very important.  A great example is the difference in number of views Kevin Nalty’s seeded Mac Air parody received versus his unseeded iPad parody.

QUESTION: What video seeding strategies have worked well for you?

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Tim: Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip here at ReelSEO where we just help you guys make online video
content and how to make that stuff the best and make it stand out and get views. And who knows better how to get views on YouTube then Mr. Kevin Nalty
himself, He’s the author of Beyond Viral. Viral video marketing genius,
self proclaimed and now Tim Schmoyer proclaimed.

Today we want to talk about seeding your videos. Let’s say you make a video for a specific niche, how do you get people in that niche to start
discovering that video and get your own content found on YouTube amongst the 60 hours that are being uploaded every minute and everything. So what
kind of strategies have you found work well for seeding your content?

Kevin: So this can be a tricky area for creators because they tend to think of the video as complete once they’ve posted it. That it’s going to
survive on its own merits, which is not the case anymore. There is too much competition for that. So it does help to seed as we say. A very
different word than a similar S word with four letters which is spam. So seeding is different because –

Tim: Thought you were going in a totally different direction with that.

Kevin: So did I. I quickly shifted. So what is seeding? It’s probably the most misunderstood aspect of online video. Most people think it’s going
to survive on it’s own merits, that it’s going to be found on paid search or you’re going to buy views and the reality is that there are other people
speaking to your same audience and you want to let them know about your content. So good example is I created, when Mac Air came out, I created a Mac
Air parody and I literally shot this thing in 10 or 15 minutes, full of Ambien and just before I fell asleep I sent it out to a couple Mac bloggers,
and as a result it got hundreds of thousands of views in the first day because they picked it up.

Tim: I remember you did a funny iPad one too with the mask and –

Kevin: Oh yeah that got no views. I didn’t seed that one and I got frustrated that nobody looked at it because I didn’t bother seeding it. So it can
be uncomfortable to sort of self promote your own videos. It kind of feels like you’re gaming the system. But if your video is content that you think
someone else will enjoy and want to share with their readers and if you write them individually based on that versus sending a bunch of –

Tim: Mass email.

Kevin: — bloggers, yeah.

Tim: So how do you start building relationships with people like that? Cause that’s key right to seeding?

Kevin: Yeah, if you’re creating basic comedy videos you’re not going to be able to get The Onion to pick them up. But if you’re creating niche
content around a specific subject, you know, technology reviews, it’s worth developing some relationships. Maybe not with Gawker but some of the lower
tech blogs.

Tim: Work your way up right?

Kevin: And earn the right to be able to – so you’re sending them content not every time you do a video, but on select content and maybe you’re sending
them other people’s content too so you’re seen not as a self promoter but as a helpful kind of curator.


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