February 2010 Online Video Advertising Insights – Scanscout

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ScanScout has begun to publish a monthly report about the online video advertising industry and what is going on in it. February was the first month they’ve done it for and I got my hands on the report to check it out.

ScanScout opens the report by stating that they serve over 500 million ad impressions a month and they track and scan every video page as well as audience behavior. All of that will be the basis for the monthly reports.

Not surprising, video consumption jumps on the weekend. A full third more in fact. The verticals that see the most boost on the weekends are Auto (+42%), Travel (+53%), Sports (+42%), Food & Drink (+42%), Home (+39%), Computer/Tech/Games (+38%), Entertainment/Music (+32%). Not at all surprising since that’s when many will do their research on several of those topics I would imagine.

Strangely, entertainment/TV, family and shopping are lower on the weekend. It seems like the US likes to watch TV and film trailers at work and not at home.

February 21st was the biggest day of the month and 20% (6.14M of 30.7M) of those videos were for Computer/Tech/Games…why? Well Aliens vs. Predators was released that week, as was FIFA 10 Ultimate Team and several other games. I don’t know that they specifically pushed online video that day but they were two big releases and the FIFA series of games always sells quite well. Turns out that an Aliens vs. Predator video was 5th most popular in the Tech/Gaming category.

What were the top videos they tracked last month?

  1. Shaun White Talks Olympics (he also recently announced a new skateboard game)
  2. Snowboarding Basics (perhaps because of Shaun White? That is his winter sport)
  3. Best Online Tax Software Buying Guide
  4. Shutter Island Trailers and Clips
  5. Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne and Eminem’s Drop The World Video
  6. Big Boi Plays “Tangerine” Live In The Studio
  7. Justin Bieber Makes the Girls Crazy!
  8. Video Formats: Movies on Different Formats
  9. Top 10 Fastest Cars In The World 2009-2010
  10. Lakers vs. Warriors

There are some strange things in their stats. For example 3 X-men episodes were in the top 10 Ent/Animation videos on the month. X-men the animated series from 1992 that is.

ScanScout really does a good job of breaking down the data and you can get the top 10 videos for the month from a variety of categories. What they do not do in the report is tell you where those videos are being watched. In fact there’s nothing in the report at all about which sites the videos are coming from. All that the report really shows is monthly traffic overall, a very few highlights and then the Top 10 videos. They will continue to expand the report and incorporate more interesting statistics. They do all sorts of targeting and that will be in future reports including audience segments, day parts, demographics, and more they say.


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