Top 5 Most Influential Female Saudi Arabia Creators on YouTube

Top 5 Most Influential Female Saudi Arabia Creators on YouTube

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Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has truly become a vehicle for creators from all over the world to publish engaging, entertaining, and informative content, express their opinions, and reach an audience that can stretch far beyond national borders. In particular, across the Middle East and North Africa, video content uploaded by female-led channels in the Middle East and North Africa, has seen a year-on-year growth of 50%. Overall, Saudi Arabia has the global highest YouTube watch time per capita, and new data from online video intelligence company Tubular Labs confirms the most influential female YouTube creators in Saudi Arabia in the last 90 days.

The female creators listed below scored the highest on the Tubular Influencer Score (TIS). This measurement takes 10 different metrics into account when generating the rankings, which include audience engagement, creator reach, number of subscribers, and channel activity. Denis Crushell, VP of Europe at Tubular Labs confirmed that the video content created by these top female Saudi YouTubers is 5x more engaging than the average video. Diana Baddar, Head of YouTube Partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa, also stated that:

“I am happy to see these women’s hard work recognized by hard data. Each of these creators continue to make high-quality content that is not only useful but is also an expression of their creativity. They are telling their own stories to their audience and the world, and will continue to utilize YouTube’s reach to more than 1 billion daily users to grow their channels”.

In October, YouTube launched Batala, a dedicated channel which features the top female creators from the Middle East and North Africa, highlighting the work of more than 100 women from across the region. All five channels in the Tubular Labs list are on Batala, along with a wealth of others, and aims to extend the reach of these influential vloggers. Let’s take a look at the 5 creators highlighted, along with their most watched video.

Top 5 Female YouTubers: Saudi Arabia

#1 Njoud Al Shammari: Njoud, a 21-year old lifestyle vlogger, has been active on YouTube since June 2015. She has built up a following of over 900K subscribers, and generated over 53M views. She uploads a range of video content, including health and beauty tutorials, and comedy skits. Her most viewed video has attracted 1.6M views to date:

#2 Asrar Arif:  Asrar set up her YouTube channel in 2012, and despite never showing her face on video, she has generated over 45M views, and has a loyal following of over 500K subscribers. She uploads challenges, beauty tips, travel advice, along with recipes and other food-based content. Her most popular video has attracted 3.6M views:

#3 Amal Elmziryahi: Amal is based in Morocco, making her the first non-Saudi to make the list. Her YouTube channel revolves around food, with her uploads featuring Middle Eastern and Western recipes. Her channel has generated 45M views, and 260K subscribers, and her most popular video, with 4.2M views, is this walkthrough for delicious crepes:

#4 Hessa Al Awad: Hessa, or MivaFlowers as her YouTube channel is better known as, is a huge fan of Japanese culture. The 24-year old Saudi beauty creator uploads 3 to 4 videos a week around beauty tips and tutorials, as well as lifestyle advice. Like Asrar Arif, Hessa doesn’t reveal her face on camera, but has still built up a following of 470K subscribers, and generated nearly 61M views. Her most popular video is a look into her bag, which attracted 3.6M views:

#5 Al Juhara Sajer: With over 48M views, and 425K subscribers, Juhara, or JaySajer as she’s known on her channel, has been vlogging since 2012. The 25 year old from Saudi uploads videos about travel, challenges, and lifestyle advice, and has also been featured in BuzzFeed as a YouTuber to watch. Her most popular video, generating 3.7M views, is this quick hairstyle tip from 2012:


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