List of Royalty Free Online Resources for Video Production

List of Royalty Free Online Resources for Video Production

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We here at ReelSEO like to do things on the cheap when we can. Not because we’re cheap but often because video production costs can spiral out of control if you’re not careful.

Here’s a list of available resources on the web for royalty free media including images, video, music and more. Now just because it is ‘royalty free’ does not mean that the media will be completely free.

There are so many sites out there that I could not possibly take a deep look into them all so this is purely informative and in no way an endorsement for the sites listed. Also, because of the wide range of companies providing services I’m certain to have missed a few…million. I apologize but Mark wanted the article and I had to draw the line some time. Feel free to drop a comment with your royalty free media service – but be aware that all such links are nofollow automatically and will not help your pagerank, or SEO endeavors. Just thought I’d warn you.

Wikipedia defines Royalty Free as:

A type of contract between two entities (the licensor and licensee), that is employed when licensing the rights to use content, such as photographs. The term royalty-free means that once the content is licensed under a set of guidelines, the licensee is normally free to use it in perpetuity without paying additional royalty charges.

Many places offer subscriptions or pay-per-download services. Some are completely free. Be sure you read the license on the material to make sure you can use it for your project prior to purchasing.

Royalty Free Music

All music on this page is provided royalty-free. Frequently asked questions. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Royalty-Free Music
For use as Production Music, Hold Music and More Download Royalty-Free Music and Background Music for use as Music On Hold, Production Music, Bumper Music and more.

Pond5 –
The world’s first open marketplace for stock video footage, and it’s a better way for video professionals to buy or sell stock footage for use in productions.

Freeplay Music
Freeplay offers free network synchronization to all BMI/ASCAP & SESAC, national network content broadcasts in exchange for music cue sheet compliance. (Domestic and International). Other commercial uses of Freeplay, are usually subject to fees and must be negotiated in advance.

The Music Bakery
Covering the entire spectrum of musical styles, it’s buyout production music that’s logically categorized and easy to find.

Partners in Rhyme
Also and
Thousands of pages of free resources for multimedia producers plus a catalog of royalty free music and sound effects collections available for download and shipped on CD/DVD.

NEO Sounds
Pay once, use as often as you like. Categorized content by style, genre, mood and instruments.

Audio Micro
Music tracks licensed from AudioMicro can be used for TV programs, websites, feature films, commercials (TV & Radio), corporate videos, training videos, personal videos, point-of sale videos, PowerPoint presentations, multimedia presentations, video games, and YouTube videos.

The Beat Suite
The Beat Suite is a Royalty Free Production Music Library specialising in producing and providing high-quality music and sounds for the multimedia, broadcast and computer games industry.

Seriously, this list could go on and on forever. A Google search on Royalty Free Music brings in around 4.5M hits. Many of the music places also have or are affiliated in some way with sound effects or places that have them. So they are also quite easy to find.

Royalty Free Images/Photos

Getty Images
Getty Images royalty-free gives creative freedom to crop, manipulate and combine stock photos for your project needs.

Free Digital Photos
Free photos and illustrations. Thousands of royalty free images for instant download. For commercial and non-commercial use. No registration required.

Search our royalty free stock images and photos or browse a giant selection of stock photography. Purchase royalty free stock photos at

Only 10M hits on a Google search for Royalty Free Images. So you are certain to find something you need sooner or later. The problem will be finding a place you like. Personally, I use iStockPhoto or Getty when I need something. That’s not to say that many of the others are bad, those just happen to be my preferred vendors. iStockphoto works on credits, but they expire after a year I think so Caveat Emptor. Sort of underhanded really, but I generally just buy what I need.

Royalty Free Video

After Effects Projects and Loops
Over 3,000 Royalty Free video files from $1. Other sites for the company include and

Search our royalty free stock images and photos or browse a giant selection of stock photography. They also have some video clips as well as photos.

Free Stock Footage
Broadcast quality stock footage, royalty free B-Roll. Add stock footage to your video, website or your Powerpoint presentations. This stock footage is great for using in either Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Premier, Media 100, Avid or any non-linear editing system.

Thought Equity
Some seriously high-quality footage including stock footage in HD from companies like Sony, National Geographic, MGM, NBC, HBO, Marvel Entertainment and more.

Shutterstock Footage
With top quality video material, a user-friendly interface, and an affordable cost structure. Prices start at $10 per clip.

Quality HD stock footage shot on film and video with the largest selection of royalty free clips available.

Royalty Free HD
Expensive, high-definition stock footage. All are high quality and professionally made but prices start at $149 per piece. Include collections of pieces for $699.

The world’s first open marketplace for stock video footage, and it’s a better way for video professionals to buy or sell stock footage for use in productions.

Flat Rate Pricing * Immediate Downloads for All Orders * Footage Includes All Rights for All Media, WorldWide, and In Perpetuity. Flat Rate Pricing of $50 per clip Other sites include – All clips are 720×486 29.97fps Quicktime/Photo-JPEG

Action Backs
I included this place because it’s got some great animated backgrounds that you could then throw whatever you needed on top of.

Always HD
built to provide professional Cinematographers and 3D Animators with a means to market their footage; actively seeking out camera operators, studios, and artists whose work will be of benefit to video producers around the world by focusing exclusively on the sale of High Definition (and emerging 2K / 4K formats).

BBC Motion Gallery
It’s the BBC and they have a wide range of collections and pieces. HD World, HD Wild Africa and HD In Full Bloom are some of their HD selections.

Animation Factory
Another place specializing in background animations with hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Wrightwood Laboratories
If you need outer space then you need these guys. Part of the GotFootage network but man have they got space footage.

Ocean Footage
If you are looking for something closer to home then this is the place to search. All sorts of oceanic footage.

After a while I just started running into the same sites again and again, either with other domains pointing to them or the same content with a different wrapper. I also ran into the Wikipedia Page on Public Domain Image Resources which has a massive listing of, well, just about everything.

Royalty Free Text

There’s nothing I hate more than when someone tries to take my words and pass them off as their own. So here’s a place for people to get their own words and leave mine alone. (hehe)

Project Gutenberg
The place where you can download over 30,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, iPhone, Kindle, Sony Reader or other portable device.

Big Stock Photo
Images with text in them that you can use as is or put your own text in place.

Actually this was harder than I thought it would be. Maybe I’ll start up a Royalty Free Text archive and start selling text en masse as I write it. I wonder how well that would work. I think that text is one of those things that needs a little more customization than images do. Going to 10 websites and seeing the same images is nothing new. Going to 10 sites and seeing the same text, would probably make you think they are all the same company. Still, I’m always available for royalty free text if you need it (yes, I’d even do short video scripts or pieces of story and dialog royalty free).

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