Rhett & Link Create Amazing Video Marketing Campaign in their Sleep – Spot the Differences

Rhett & Link Create Amazing Video Marketing Campaign in their Sleep – Spot the Differences

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Rhett & Link, commercial kings of Internet video, have done it again.  Teaming up with SleepBetter, which sells mattresses and bedding and things of the sort, Rhett & Link put together a video where you have to focus, and spot the differences between two virtually similar frames.  Meanwhile, a very catchy tune plays, and in the end, you can go to SleepBetter’s Facebook page and possibly win prizes.  But this is another great example of businesses doing something different with video marketing that forces attention, is entertaining, and gives consumers a reason to seek them out afterwards.

Rhett & Link’s SleepBetter Video Campaign: Spot the Differences

This is a video where everything goes right. First off, they picked a great theme for a bedding product company: dreams.  It allowed them to make a surreal landscape, complete with a song that is darkly humorous.  We’ve got nightmares, monsters under the bed, thieves, and even the Tooth Fairy making an appearance.  And take a look: there’s an actual plot to all this.  All of the incidents in the video lead to a funny finale.

And take a look at the choreography: this is two different videos and they do a remarkable job of keeping things virtually the same in each take.

But you’ve got to love a video that allows active participation: you are looking for these differences, you’re enjoying the song, and at the end, if you can find the right number of differences, you are rewarded with another video and a chance to win some prizes.

Clearly, a video like this could end up backfiring, because it’s not readily apparent that this is a marketing video for SleepBetter.  You need that incentive to learn more and visit their page and get acquainted with their brand name although they are wise enough as well to be running true-view pre-roll ads against the video as well.

But let’s not forget: Rhett & Link are a brand, too.  This is not just them advertising SleepBetter’s business: this is advertising them being awesome at what they do in creating video commercials for local small businesses.  They made an entertaining video that has unique qualities, and this is the kind of piece that brands look at and say, “I’d like them to come up with an idea for my own business.”

Even if you can’t hire Rhett & Link, though, this is a good model of a video to follow.  It’s not only entertaining but makes people want to know more, and that’s a perfect formula.

Check out their behind the scenes video to see the work that went into making this video:


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