Revver, Please Dont Go Away Yet

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revver apiOk, so I am seeing tons of posts out there in the rumor mill pointing to the possibility of Revver going under soon, so let me add to the mix.

I know that there are just too many (my opinion) sites out there today competing for share in this area but of all the sites out there, Revver is one that I will miss.  I will be saddend to see this as I truely feel that next to, Revver is one of the better video sharing sites out there in terms of the functionality, control, and usability offered to users.  I know that Nalt has praised this service time and time again so I really hope that the rumors are not true, but we will wait and see.

Here is an excerpt from a post from OVW

“OVW is hearing a few things in the rumor mill worth sharing. Revver, the video sharing site that pays out for uploading videos, is running out of steam and may not make it through the end of the month…

The second half of the Revver rumor is that Live Universe is interested in stepping in and saving them from their impending demise. Live Universe runs the lesser known, and was founded by MySpace founder Brad Greenspan.”

Thanks to Karen M Cheung at Camcorderinfo Blog, we have an update on this situation from Revver….

“We’re constantly pursuing content and business partnerships, and that activity invariably seems to generate acquisition conversations and rumors,” said Brian McCarthy, Revver’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, in a statement to “We’re excited that our egalitarian business model creates that kind of buzz, but if we commented on all the rumors, we wouldn’t have time to focus on our core business — which is built on sharing revenue with all video creators and syndicators who use Revver,” he said.


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