RevZilla Motorsports Uses TrueView In-Stream Video Ads to Triple Subscribers to its YouTube Channel [Case Study]

RevZilla Motorsports Uses TrueView In-Stream Video Ads to Triple Subscribers to its YouTube Channel [Case Study]

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When motorcycle enthusiasts get serious about their gear, they shop at

Founded in 2007 by a core of passionate motorcyclists (who happen to have penchant for writing code), RevZilla Motorsports has distinguished itself from big-box stores and online sites by providing superior customer service and only the highest performing merchandise – from jackets and tires to tools – selected and tested by experts in the field. RevZilla has over 40 employees operating a booming e-commerce site as well as a destination store in Philadelphia.

In the early days of RevZilla, the company spent an inordinate amount of time fielding calls from customers with specialized requests. A customer in need of a waterproof jacket was easy; but if he had a large frame and needed a garment with great venting, a high safety rating, and within a certain price range, it was more complicated.

“This could become a one- to two-hour conversation,” says Co-founder Matt Kull.

The Co-founders, well-versed in product knowledge, decided they could better serve customers by using the power of video to demonstrate product fit and performance for riders of all experience levels. What began as a series of clips captured on a Flip camera grew into a refined and sophisticated YouTube presence orchestrated by an in-house creative team.

RevZilla photo by Bryan Davis

“Everyone at RevZilla is involved in the creative process, which lends more authenticity to our videos,” says Anthony Bucci, co-founder of RevZilla, responsible for creative, marketing, and content. Staff members are the featured talent in the video clips and occasionally even appear in wacky scenarios to highlight promotions and special contests.

When heavy traffic is a good thing

By gearing up a creatively devised YouTube video channel and TrueView in-search and in-display video ad campaign, RevZilla’s sales have roared into the eight-figure range. RevZilla reaches out to a rapidly expanding community of riders who like the hard-hitting, concise format of video presentations that are featured on the RevZillaTV YouTube Channel.

Always fresh with new content and the latest reviews about seasonal gear such as cold-weather gloves and rain boots, visitors to the channel stay in the now and in the know. The most popular video on the channel is “The Commute” in 1080p HD by

Audiences are responding to RevZilla’s YouTube campaigns in record numbers. Since launching in June 2009, its dedicated YouTube channel has received more than 7 million views from over 1,650 videos, with new videos released weekly.

“YouTube allows us to give our customers what they really want: exciting product guides, essential safety tips, and in-depth, knowledge-driven videos. With the TrueView ad program, we have consistently ramped-up our subscribership, resulting in customer loyalty that’s evident in the number of repeat customers we serve,” says Bucci.

High-impact video ads deliver results

When the RevZilla team first implemented YouTube TrueView in-stream ads, they bumped up conversion rates with popular bi-monthly promotions featuring a $50 cash giveaway. The contest, coupled with new content on the site driving viewership, has lifted the subscriber base to more than 14,000 – up from 4,000 to 5,000 from the start of the launch.

The firm’s branded YouTube channel has delivered substantial ROI, plus a social cumulative effect. When 100 people watch a video, 10 respond to it, and one starts an online discussion that sets the brand excitement in motion.

“There’s a direct correlation between our sales numbers and the timing of our TrueView in-stream ad campaigns that ultimately result in reach across multiple social channels,” says Kull.

With the goal of becoming a category-leading powerhouse, Bucci reports that RevZilla intends to ride with Google solutions well into the future. He and his colleagues plan rely on Google Analytics to gain greater insight into user interactions and a better understanding of web data. Using multi-channel attribution, YouTube Analytics help RevZilla monitor the quantity and quality of online traffic, and, in turn, serve as a basis for upcoming advertising decisions.

“We measure ourselves by our online customer experiences,” says Bucci. “YouTube connects us with our customers. We use our own voice—not a corporate one—and our customers love us for that.”


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