Revision3 Signs Fine Bros, Continues to Snap Up Top YouTube Talent

Revision3 Signs Fine Bros, Continues to Snap Up Top YouTube Talent

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Revision3 has done it again: they’ve signed the Fine Bros., a channel that boasts over 1.7 million subscribers and over 370 million total video views.  They are best known for the “Kids React To…” series, which includes “Teens React To…” and “Elders React To…”  They leverage popular YouTube videos and popular entertainment in general to create their videos.  It’s fun watching kids react to “Nyan Cat” and it’s especially hilarious to see older people react to Skrillex.  Benny and Rafi Fine have been doing this for a long time, and now they hit Revision3, which gives them a ton of marketing opportunities.

The Fine Bros. Sign with Revision3

This comes in a year where Revision signed Philip DeFranco and just signed a slew of other YouTube stars for their fall slate.  No doubt, Discovery’s acquisition of Revision3 has sped up the process in getting deals done.

Here’s a look at what Revision3 is getting with the Fine Bros.

First, Elders React to Dubstep (Skrillex):

Kids React to Nyan Cat:

What the Fine Bros. have shown is that they are able to produce lots of content and retain a huge audience.  As Ryan Vance, VP of programming, says on the Revision3 blog:

They are one of the hardest working teams in showbiz, and as accomplished filmmakers and comedy producers have been trailblazers in the new digital content ecosystem.

The Fine Brothers have been creating content in traditional and digital media since before YouTube and have had a steadfast dedication to quality and authenticity.

You can see how a dedicated producing team can be so attractive to a network like Revision3.  They’ve struck again!  In an ever-present theme we keep hammering away on here, it’s important for creators on YouTube to get their videos onto other sites other than YouTube so that they don’t “put their eggs all in one basket,” so to speak.  There are great opportunities to make more money, get advertisers, and not have to rely on the fractions-of-a-penny-per-view model of YouTube.

As always, Revision3 will act as a supplemental carrier for the show.  YouTube still will be the top place for exposure, while Revision helps creators with more business opportunities.

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