Revision3 Saw Major Increase In Viewership, Revenue In 2011

Revision3 Saw Major Increase In Viewership, Revenue In 2011

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Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback took to the Rev3 blog this morning and announced a 359% increase in total views and a 53% increase in revenue for the year of 2011.  Revision3 made smart acquisitions last year, including the extraordinarily successful Epic Meal Time, and by the end of the year, picked up one of YouTube’s all-time hits, The Philip DeFranco Show, which should make 2012 even better.  Rev3 also increased its YouTube subscribers across all shows to 4.5 million.  In addition to the audience and revenue, Rev3 is proud of their technological advancements over the year.

Revision3 Saw Growth, Focused On Mobile In 2011

Rev3 saw 800 million views in 2011.  But the other big focus for the company was changing to an HTML5 player across all platforms.  HTML5 is far less stressful on mobile devices and led to Adobe abandoning Flash on mobile.  So Rev3 went that route, and they have an Android app that works across phones, tablets, and Google TV.

In the world of advertising, they increased their average deal size 80% and have major advertisers like Verizon, Ford, Doritos, Sony, and T-Mobile, just to name a few.  What I liked most is that they attached themselves to that Epic Meal Time marketing train and partnered with them to produce bacon products, which are a Bacon-Flavored Salt and a Bacon-Flavored Spread.

The other thing is that Revision3 can be seen almost anywhere.  They’re on almost all devices like Roku and Boxee, and they are all over the Internet with Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, DailyMotion, and more.  But where they might be proudest is getting onto airplanes–Virgin America features Revision 3 content.  Is it any wonder that their reach is valuable to advertisers, and that YouTube shows like Epic Meal Time and Philip DeFranco want to sign with them?

It’s pretty clear Revision3 is set to take on the exciting growth in video over the next few years.


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