Revision3 Wants to Add Pet Cats: Lil BUB to Add Feline Presence to Techy Network

Revision3 Wants to Add Pet Cats: Lil BUB to Add Feline Presence to Techy Network

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Even Revision3 isn’t immune to the cuteness of cats, as they just signed the YouTube channel featuring Lil BUB, along with owner Mike Bridavsky, because he’s kind of important too.  And because cats are primadonnas, Lil BUB had to make a video announcing that not only is it her second birthday, but she’s going to have her own show, called, “Lil BUB’s Big Show.”  Cats are, of course, huge in online video and you can probably name a few, which is the weird culture we live in.  Grumpy CatMaru.  These cats are now getting their own shows.

Lil BUB Gets Her Own Show

I’ll let her tell the story:

It’s officially a strange world we live in when geeky, techy, sciency Revision3 looks to add cats to their lineup.  But I think they learned a long time ago that you can’t beat cat videos so you might as well join cat videos.  But BUB is one of those unusual-looking and sounding cats that tend to be internet gold (she’s a runt, but a very cute runt).  If you have a cat and you’re not shooting videos of them doing…anything, then you are missing out on capitalizing on your cat.

Lil BUB worked her way to fame through Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram before becoming a YouTube star.  VICE made a documentary about her for Tribeca:

And there’s even a book coming soon. So it looks like Revision3 is definitely getting a cat that is poised for even more success on the web.  Why not, right?


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