Revision3 Acquires DeFranco Creative; DeFranco Becomes Senior VP

Revision3 Acquires DeFranco Creative; DeFranco Becomes Senior VP

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At the time Revision3 was acquiring The Philip DeFranco Show last year, DeFranco was launching his YouTube Original Channel, SourceFed.  SourceFed is quite likely the most successful of the Original Channels Initiative, and now, a year after Revision3 was acquired by Discovery, Rev3 has decided to acquire DeFranco Creative, which means all of his channels and ventures.  What’s more, Rev3 is making DeFranco a Senior VP of their programming team, “Philip DeFranco Networks and Merchandise.”  Oh, to be Philip DeFranco for one year.

Revision3 Increases Commitment to DeFranco

In Revision3’s press release, CEO Jim Louderback says:

We’ve had a blast working with Phil and his team as an affiliate, and we can’t wait to take the relationship way beyond 11. Phil knows better than anyone working the web today how to delight audiences, build passionate fanbases and launch new franchises. By bringing Phil and DeFranco Creative officially into the fold we are adding a true pioneer in online video, a magnetic personality, a real business focus and a top-notch creative team to Revision3. His decision to join us validates Revision3 as the best (and only) place that supports and grows the Internet’s top video producers and hosts.

And Philip DeFranco says:

Working with Jim and Revision3 the past few years has been as immensely fun as it has been profitable.  I am so excited to be a part of the team because they’re the one group that understands how to add value while not taking away from their content creators. At the end of the day, we still have the same main goals: make awesome content, work with amazing people, monetize it, and repeat. This new relationship will provide the ability to do all of that better and build a network focused on quality and authenticity.

Philip DeFranco has nearly 2.6 million subscribers for his “sxephil” channel, and tremendous success story SourceFed is likely to hit a million by the end of the year.  He’s was all over the place in 2012: with Shark Week (which we interviewed him about) and covering the Democratic and Republican national conventions and Presidential Election for YouTube.

So, Philly D and Revision3 continue to be a tremendously successful partnership, and Rev3 has rewarded DeFranco for being a particularly savvy creator, and an amazing success story in online video continues.  It looks like the future continues to be bright for both.


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