eTail East Roundtable Reveals Retailer Perspective On Video SEO

eTail East Roundtable Reveals Retailer Perspective On Video SEO

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I returned this morning from a very successful eTail East conference, where I hosted a round-table discussion on Video SEO along with Bruce Turner, CEO of Pure Bruce shared his video implementation experience, specifically the video SEO enablement process, with fellow online retailers.

My takeaways were many but I noticed that there were few retailers who were actually implementing a comprehensive video strategy. Those who were had many questions around the entire process.  Video SEO was a topic of concern to all, but not many attendees had yet mastered the basics of crafting and submitting video sitemaps, for example. There were, for me, three key takeaways:

1) All Online Retailers See The Need For Video

Some retailers have a few videos up and others have made a good attempt at covering their key products. Those who have not started with video are feeling the need to play catch-up.  Those retailers already committed to video still have many concerns.  Are they doing it right? How can they leverage the full power of video?  What is it really going to take to implement a truly successful video program?  In conclusion, all the retailers agreed that video has huge potential for their sites, and that they have only begun to see the benefits that video can provide.

2) Retailers Keenly Focused On One Key Metric – Conversion

The SEO benefits of video are definitely a hot topic but in the end, increasing conversion is the goal.  Retailers want a positive return on their video investment and to do so, they must see more conversions.  The way to get more conversions is to not only engage consumers on the product page but also use the SEO benefits of video to drive traffic to retail sites.  The more retailers understand the synergy video and conversion have, the more excited they become.

3) Gaining video SEO Traction Is A Challenge Even For SEO-Savvy Retailers

Retailers are used to generating plenty of the right content as the key to SEO. With video, you have to do more. Well-generated video sitemaps are the key. Think of it this way: placing video on your site without generating and submitting a video sitemap is like writing a great term paper and forgetting to turn it in. You get no credit for your work. That came as news to a number of the retailers we talked with. The flipside of that, of course, is the opportunity to be early in the video SEO game.

It’s always energizing to spend time face to face with retailers, and we learned a great deal about their needs in those conversations. We’ll use that information to better serve the online retail community.

About our Guest Expert –  Joel Harvey

Joel Harvey is the Director of Production and SEO for Invodo, an online video solutions provider for e-commerce retailers and manufacturers.  Joel directs Invodo’s Production team, bringing techniques and video production best practices that enable Invodo’s scalable eCommerce video production model. His unique knowledge of consumer search habits, video indexing and search analytics tools informs Invodo’s SEO strategy.


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