Your Quick Guide to Reporting Freebooted Videos to Facebook

Your Quick Guide to Reporting Freebooted Videos to Facebook

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Freebooting. We’ve talked about it before and it continues to be a major thorn in the side of creators. Another example of it came across my desk this week in what may give some hope to creators who are looking for ways to fight this exploitation of their works, specifically on Facebook. The good news is that the freebooted copy was taken down and if you’re looking for ways to fight freebooting yourself, hopefully we’ve got the answer you need.

Method #1 – Directly Report Freebooted Videos

I’m not a big fan of this method, although it will at least give you a track record of making every attempt to take down the offending video and it would be a great first step in the process. In the end, it’s just a fancy way of sending a direct message.

  1. Open the direct link to the offending video.
  2. In the bottom right, under the video, click the hyperlink for “Report Video”
  3. Select the option for “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” and click Continue
  4. Select the option for “Something else” and click Continue
  5. Select “I think it’s an unauthorized use of my intellectual property” and click Continue
  6. Facebook will then give you the option to send a direct message to request the video be taken down or credited.

Method #2 – Claim Copyright Infringement on Facebook

Click this link to start the official process on Facebook. It can be used for reporting copyright and trademark infringements. You could also report “Other” but let’s be serious, when you click “Other” on a form all it does is tell the person reading that it’s not their job to worry about your report/opinion.

  1. Click “Copyright”.
  2. More Options will appear. Click “Continue with your copyright report” if you are certain you want to file a claim.
  3. At this point, a host of options appear. Be certain that you select the option that best describes your situation. Not all of these options indicate that you’ve actually had your copyright infringed upon.
  4. A new option will appear. If you wish to continue select “Please click here to continue with a copyright report”.
  5. The rest of the process is very specific and detailed. Mostly because a DMCA is very serious business. Fill out the rest of the details completely and be prepared with all of the information you might need. More boxes will appear as you compete the form until Facebook knows the name of your first-born son’s unborn children. The form requires such items such as:
  • Name of the rights owner
  • The URLs to the content being reported
  • A link to the authorized version of your work
  • Your e-mail
  • Your mailing address
  1. Once all information has been completed, you will be asked to declare that the information is correct, under penalty of law. So you might want to be pretty sure what you are claiming is, in fact, true. If so, click “Yes” and then click “Submit” to complete your request.

Method #3 – File a DMCA Request

At this point, you’re getting pretty official. You’ve tried contacting the offending party, you’ve filled out internet forms that may or may not get read. If you’re at wits end but still feel like you need to take action, send a complaint via snail mail. It is the same thing as filling out the online form on Facebook, but typing out your frustrations (or writing them in cursive if that’s still a thing) may make you feel a little better and that sting of the paper cut as you lick the envelope shut might just be the closure you need.

  1. Fill out a complete copyright claim
  2. Send it in the mail to Facebook.

Freebooted videos will continue to be a major issue, especially on Facebook, as long as the sites that allow it to persist are soft on their handling of offending material.  In the meantime, we here at ReelSEO are here to help you fight the good fight and ensure that if anyone is getting paid for your hard work, it’s you.

For anyone in any doubt whether a video is freebooted, this excellent guide from ItsOKToBeSmart will steer you in the right direction:

facebook freebooting guide

Have you been affected by others freebooting your video content? Let us know in the comments below.



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