How To Use Remarketing to Generate YouTube Subscribers

How To Use Remarketing to Generate YouTube Subscribers

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Did you know that you can track viewers around the Internet after they watch one of your videos on YouTube, or on your website? It’s called Remarketing, and it’s a very powerful tool, because it allows you to focus in on those users who have already shown some interest in you  – by watching your video, or by visiting your website. They have already invested time in your brand, or are at least aware that you exist, so a reminder to them may just be the push they need to return.

This week, we are joined by Derral Eves, who explains just how powerful remarketing can be for video creators. You can continue to promote your brand, service, or products to viewers using this particular method of promotion, and we show you how you can use remarketing to build up your YouTube subscriber base.

Remarketing: Fine-tuning Your Branded Advertising

The great thing about retargeting and remarketing is that it really helps brands get their message out to their target audience.

Brands can segment a marketing list and work with viewers – who have already watched a specific video – to return a set of video ads about your company to those users. You can employ this method in several ways to seed video content. You may use it to generate a lot of views to a video, channel, or website, or you can use it to change your corporate message. You can even change that message after every one of your videos, so you are continually fine-tuning the content a particular set of viewers receives. Also, fine-tuning that message is easier on the viewer so that they don’t become bored with, or annoyed by, the same promotion time and time again.

How to Set Up Video Advertising Remarketing Campaigns

How does a video marketing team set up a remarketing campaign so they can start tracking people? These are the basic steps that will get you on your way:

  • Set up Google Universal Analytics: If you haven’t already installed this free software on your site, then do so. It’s very easy, and something that your website developer or designer can do in a matter of minutes.
  •  Link your YouTube and Adsense accounts: You do this via your YouTube Video Manager > Channel > Advanced Settings. If you have already installed Universal Analytics on your website then you’ll automatically get some list segmentation provided for you.

link youtube and adsense for remarketing

  • Sign up for Perfect Audience: Perfect Audience allows you to “retarget lost visitors” from across the internet via one dashboard.  There is a cost involved, charged on a CPM basis, but you can sign up for a free trial and start testing your remarketing campaign via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and banner ads across other sites.

Use Remarketing to Build YouTube Subscribers

Remarketing can be a very effective way of building up your subscriber numbers on YouTube. The users you are targeting have already watched a video on your YouTube channel, and maybe even liked it, shared it, or commented on it, but have chosen not to subscribe. You can set up a strategy to create a specific remarketing list that includes those viewers and serves them a video ad about your brand. Essentially, you are developing the relationship your brand has with those viewers, and hopefully that will lead them to subscribing to your channel.

Do you use remarketing as part of your video advertising campaigns? Let us know how that has worked for you in the comments below.


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