Reel Video SEO Strategies and Video SEO Best Practices Webinar

Reel Video SEO Strategies and Video SEO Best Practices Webinar

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Last week, I participated in a webinar (produced by Ooyala) all about Video SEO titled, “Reel” Video SEO Strategies & Best Practices.” I promised both those who attended as well as those who were unable to attend that I would provide my slides from the presentation. I have one better than that. The entire webinar was recorded and you can watch it for free here… Additionally, you will see that my slides are available at the bottom of this post.

Pete Kocks, President of Truveo and AOL Video also participated and you can forward to his portion of the webinar at 22 minutes into the video. Pete covered in depth, some of the key differences between web search and video search and drove home a couple key tips for optimizing video for search. Lastly, Sean Knapp, Co-Founder and CTO for Ooyala talked a bit about Ooyala’s new SDK release which helps with creating rich on-page text for video landing pages.

The feedback from the webinar was very positive and I think that we provided some great tips for Video SEO. Rather than go much more into what we presented, I encourage you to watch the video below.

Here is a link to the presentation. Let me know your feedback and if you have any questions.

Also – Let’s start a drinking game where you have a drink each time I say “umm.” Let me know how that goes. :-)

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