Reddit Video: Random Online Video Just Got Better with Reddit TV

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Been watching a lot of random video online and thinking, Gee, I wish I had a better way to filter the randomness of the videos I’m watching? Well now there is! Behold the new and improved Reddit Video Filter 5000 (OK, I added a model number for effect). What is this newfangled invention you ask? Let me tell you all about it, just step inside, that’s right folks, no pushing or shoving there’s plenty of room for everyone!

The new and improved video filter can be found over at which has been in operation for a few years now. It aggregates video from a link-sharing network including Reddit’s own r/videos subreddit.

Reddit Video Filter

Essentially, Reddit did a massive overhaul of the .tv site with new HTML5, more streamlined interface, etc. You can add your own channels from an subreddit or a domain name and it pulls from some external sources like PBS, NYT, YouTube etc.

So after five years, what’s old is new again with a facelift and loads of content to be watched on continuous play. This article would have been done long ago but I got sucked into r/mashups and then the Kevin Bacon Footloose entrance to the Tonight Show.

How much is it you ask?! Absolutely free!

Seriously, it looks like they’re going to continue some development on and give you a place to watch random videos in a slightly less random fashion. Now back to those amazing mashups that I wish I had time to go make myself. Maybe if I stopped watching dozens of them on I might actually find the time to do just that.


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