Real Time Bidding Expands At SpotXchange, BrightRoll, & Other Video Ad Networks

Real Time Bidding Expands At SpotXchange, BrightRoll, & Other Video Ad Networks

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The good people at SpotXchange have announced that all of their inventory is now available through the real-time bidding on their exchange. This was in reply to 120% more real-time bid requests since November 2010 when it originally launched. BrightRoll on the other hand launched their exchange just a couple months ago but are also embracing the real-time bidding process. As one of my major trends for 2011 early on in the year, I’m glad to see it all coming to fruition.

SpotXchange Gets 100% of Inventory into Realt-Time Bidding

 “SpotXchange is the only video ad marketplace to make 100% of our inventory available to our RTB partners,” said Michael Shehan, co-founder and CEO of SpotXchange. “We have seen incredible growth in the adoption of our RTB solution for video, and we find that RTB is quickly becoming more mainstream because it helps advertisers greatly reduce waste, increase performance and simplify the media trading process.”

Since launching its SpotMarket RTB solution for video last year, SpotXchange has provided partners such as Turn, TubeMogul, LiveRail, AdoTube Video Platform, Brainient and MaxPoint Interactive access to premium in-stream video inventory reaching more than 110 million monthly unique users in more than 20 countries. Using real-time bidding for video, these SpotXchange clients don’t have to spend the resources to maintain hundreds of publisher relationships. In the past few months, SpotXchange has seen the number of RTB bid requests increase by 120% to 4.6 billion per month (see chart).

The better control of video ad campaigns means that advertisers can change things up based on impressions, audience targeting, re-targeting, and other metrics to get the best results from their campaigns.

While prices vary with real-time bidding, greater RTB volume means more competition, which means more competitive pricing.

Real-Time Bidding Begins on the BrightRoll Exchange

BrightRoll, for its part, launched their ad exchange this last summer with August being the first full month of it being open when it booked $1,000,000 in video ad sales. Now, just a few short 15 months later, they’re incorporating real-time bidding into the BRX as well. Leading buyers including RocketFuel, Turn, DataXu, MediaMath and Media6Degrees have signed on to execute video buys in real time via BRX. (I misspoke about when the BRX launched, it was last year. My apologies.)

“The use of DataXu’s unique impression-level decisioning technology integrated
with BRX maximizes performance against an advertiser’s marketing objectives,
increasing confidence that their investment in online video is money well spent,”
said Adrian Tompsett, director of business development at DataXu. “Advertisers
and agencies get superior campaign results by combining the sight, sound, and
motion of online video with programmatic buying, optimization and advanced

Now too, customers of the BrightRoll Exchange can optimize video ad campaign performance on an impression-by-impression basis meaning that they will pay only for the impressions they want and be able to better target the audiences they are seeking.

I imagine that there might be another one or two announcements before year end in regards to video advertising real time bidding as it is definitely one of the trends that are emerging strong at the end of 2011. What’s coming up for 2012? Oh, I’ve already got the wheels cranking on that and had some interesting conversations recently that proved my thoughts were in the right direction.


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