Real Time Bidding On Video Ads All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Real Time Bidding On Video Ads All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

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TubeMogul has released a new report today on the performance of real time bidding on video ads. Specifically, TubeMogul wanted to find out if real time bidding actually produced the brand lift suspected, or if it was all just a bunch of hot air. The results? Brands are, indeed, seeing considerable lift from video advertising through real time bidding platforms and exchanges.

Real Time Bidding On Video Ads The Real Deal?

Real time bidding on video ads has been a popular and trendy subject in recent months, as more platforms emerge to help advertisers connect with the right content in a bid-based marketplace that allows for maximizing ad dollars.

But is it just a trend with no real substance to it? Or is real time bidding actually providing the lift brands seek with their video ads? That’s the question TubeMogul set out to answer.

Let’s take a look at what they found.

Real Time Bidding On Video Ads Works

According to the study, branded campaigns definitely see a positive lift across survey questions. Here’s the graph, which averages all the campaigns they looked at:

The largest area where you can see gains is in purchase consideration and intent, which goes up significantly the more a viewer is exposed to a particular ad–this is a key finding, because traditionally with click-through video ad formats, the purchase consideration and intent levels peak after the first viewing.

Check it out:

Conclusions On Real Time Bidding?

The conclusions are pretty obvious: real time bidding works, and the platforms that deliver the capabilities are able to provide improved brand lift, particularly in the area of purchase intent. On the flip side of that coin, sticking with click-based advertising seems to be a good way to shoot your campaign in the foot, because it minimizes that same purchase intent. TubeMogul even closes their report by saying “to judge a video platform based on clicks is misleading at best.”

So there you have it. Anyone out there have enough experience with real time bidding on video ads to weigh in with personal observations? I’m sure our readers would love to have anecdotal evidence to help round out this research data.


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