Are You Ready For Epic Meal Time…Japan?

Are You Ready For Epic Meal Time…Japan?

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It won’t be long before Epic Meal Time is as mainstream as American Idol.  The super-huge show on YouTube recently signed with G4 to make a transition to television, and now, Next Time Productions is teaming with Japanese production company Yoshimoto Kogyo to bring a different version of the show to Japan.  This makes sense, since Epic Meal Time is basically the kind of madcap insanity we have come to expect from Japanese shows.  EMT will fit right in.  Production starts in April, so we should be seeing EMT Japan over the summer sometime.

Epic Meal Time…Japanese Flavor

I think this show will easily get more insane with the introduction of exotic foods.  The Variety article states:

YK is expected to start producing the Japanese version in April, with hosts searching for the Kagoshima black pig, a rare breed of the Berkshire pig that’s bred in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture under the Kagoshima Kurobuta name.

I think the bar for “normal” in the Japanese version will be something like this:

I expect lots of swordfish and squid and all kinds of aquatic delicacies that I probably wouldn’t eat.  But with the hope to get a Kagoshima black pig, it looks like the bacon thing won’t go away.

This deal will once again buoy a YouTube channel backed by Revision3.  Harley Morenstein and crew must have all kinds of revenue streams right now, something beyond merchandise and YouTube ad dollars.

This is yet another example of the shift in focus from local to global entertainment.  We talked about how the main change to the YouTube Creator Playbook for version 2 includes a whole section dedicated to reaching a larger audience.  And this is what one of the most successful YouTubers are doing right here, only on a much larger scale because they’ve earned a large viewership and can make a deal with a big Japanese company.

Speaking of which, Yoshimoto Kogyo is no stranger to bringing American shows over to Japan.  They just recently finished their first season of Saturday Night Live.  And they’re familiar with YouTube, too.  They are invested in a new YouTube original channel called Nerdist Industries, where they will be bringing us “Weird S*** From Japan.”

The Epic Meal Time empire continues to expand.  Their success is one in a million, but their model for success is outstanding and should be studied.


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