Quicktime To Have Built In YouTube Support

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If you’re an iPhone user you already know you can watch your favorite YouTube videos on it via the app. However, if you’re a Quicktime user you’ve always had to do your encoding and video editing and then go either to YouTube’s page or use another application to upload your videos.

Well from what Apple Insider is saying, those days are numbered. The upcoming Quicktime which is set to ship with OSX 10.6 is said to have support built right into it that will allow you to upload to the video sharing service without ever leaving the application. That’s sure to cut off a good amount of time if you’re a serial YouTube uploader, even if it is just a few seconds per video.

It’s also rumored that several other video sharing options may be thrown into the mix including of course Apple’s own MobileMe service. A new Share menu is supposed to be made available that will allow for quick conversion and uploading to the services.

This could all be part of the new Apple video initiative which also is believed to include new video recording capabilities on the upcoming iPhone v3.0 OS and perhaps a new iPhone with improved camera and video hardware.

In an effort to help bring about a more open standard of online video Google has begun to convert all of its Flash-only content to H.264 which is being pushed as a likely candidate for an open standard. This I’m sure was as a show of support in their dealings with Apple who has been a proponent of the protocol for years.

As Google and Apple continue to work together Microsoft is still left out in the cold with their Silverlight player (though they’ve scored some big hits like Sky even while being benched by MLB). Meanwhile, Adobe and their Flash platform maintain the lion’s share of the online video market (including Hulu and once again MLB.com) even with big changes at YouTube. If Hulu is poised to become the premier premium video streaming site and they choose Flash, that speaks volumes as to just how entrenched Flash is in the marketplace no? Perhaps to the point where it could jeopardize widespread acceptance of an open standard?


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