Q4 2011 Video Marketing Survey Shows 81% Have Used Online Video in Marketing

Q4 2011 Video Marketing Survey Shows 81% Have Used Online Video in Marketing

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The Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media have put together their quarterly report, Q4-2011 Online Video Marketing Survey and Video Email Trends Report and it has some interesting results I thought I would talk about.

It seems that online video has been all over the place in terms of online marketing as 81% report they’ve used it in their online marketing campaigns. There’s more of a split on where to post it as 67% posted to their own sites while 61% posted to social media sites.

In terms of video email, something I’m still not so sure about myself, 52% say they’ve done video email marketing and 88% of them stated it had a positive impact.

Methodology (from the report)

The online survey was digitally distributed to senior marketing professionals through the Web Video Marketing Council website, email newsletter, partner email databases, newsletters, and promoted via research partners of the Web Video Marketing Council including Flimp Media and Interactive Media Strategies.

The survey included 16 questions and responses were submitted through a secure online survey program. Survey data were collected in an online database for analysis. There were 272 respondents across various industries. 38% were from mid-sized companies of 101 to 1,000 employees. 6% were from large
enterprises with more than 1,000 employees.

What Kind of Video Marketing?

The report delineated between certain types of online video marketing including posting to a company site, posting to social media sites, email marketing and for generating sales leads (33%) or internal communications (17).

Results have been so good, apparently, that 64% believe they will see an increase in their video marketing budgets for this year and another 17% thought it would remain stable while 29% thought theirs might drop. That’s in direct correlation to those who have used video in marketing online, which was 81% as well. Seems that other 29% might not be approaching things right.

It certainly seems like there’s a rift in the marketing sector. Just 76% believe that online video increase click through rates while 17% say no and 7% say they don’t know (they should read more ReelSEO to find out!).

In terms of conversion, 72% believe that online video marketing raises purchase intent/conversion versus 3% that say it’s less likely which is just odd. Then again 3% shakes out to around eight people.

Email Video Marketing

Most email clients and services don’t allow the playing of a video right in the email, except really Gmail and a YouTube video. The respondents thought the best way to do email video marketing is to link to a video landing page. Next is linking to a social media of video sharing network. Just 9% are trying to embed video in email still and 3% are doing an animated GIF.

Barriers to Online Video Marketing

Here’s an interesting bit about the report. In terms of major barrier to online video in email marketing, 41% the availability of video assets was the problem while 25% said ease of implementation.

How hard is it to drop a link to a video page in email? Or perhaps, the problem with implementation is which way to do it? That could easily be determined with some A/B testing I’m sure. 18% cited cost as a major barrier meaning either they thought video production was pricey or the implementing of the video email marketing plan was? It’s not very specific really.

That’s a Wrap

It’s an interesting report that clearly shows some marketers either don’t have a grip on online video marketing (and need to attend some webinars here at ReelSEO) or aren’t sure how to go about doing it (again, webinar, here…). Actually, it gives me an idea on some things to get done here. There’s definitely some split in the haves and have nots, or rather, those that know and those that don’t really understand. That’s the whole point of ReelSEO, to help everyone get on track with online video advertising and marketing, so spread the word to your marketing people, so they can catch up with online video and see better results.


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