Want To Drive More Sales With Video? Try Both Professional & User-Generated Video Together

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comScore and EXPO did some recent research that looked at the effects of professionally-made video, user-generated video and how they interact to impact engagement and conversion. The research focused on a single campaign that was recently run and included both professionally-produced “how to” video and a user-generated product video that was created and submitted by an actual product consumer. While the focus was narrow, just one campaign, it could shed some light into some interesting places.

I won’t make you wait long for the overall impression they had of the single campaign they observed. Simply put, professionally-made and user-generated product videos work extremely well together in regards to raising sales effectiveness. Wow!

“…What we found was strong evidence of incremental benefit with exposure to both forms of media,” said Frank Findley, Vice President, Research and Development at comScore. “In the campaign examined, professionally-produced content and product videos drove strikingly higher lifts when used together than when either was used individually…”

I don’t really feel like giving you their big long explanation of the methodology because, it was just one campaign and there are certain dangers in extrapolating from a single data point. However, if you’re interested, here’s the whole article on their site.

Professional & Consumer Videos Work: But Work Best Together

I’ll just sum up their results instead. Consumers who only saw pro-made video content saw a 24.7 point lift in “Share of Choice” for a single product and 16 point lift for an entire line of products.

User-generated product videos nabbed an 18.7 point and 10 point lift in those same categories.

When consumers saw both, the Share of Choice was 35.3 points and the brand’s total product line saw a 28 point increase. That’s a pretty big uptick and I think it has to do with the consumer’s ability to both see the product in a professionally-displayed way (the pro-created content) as well as hear what others think of a product or how they view/use it (the UGC). Those are two powerful pieces of information and when presented properly and combined in a consumer’s mind it could definitely have some major impact.

A second subset of consumers were in a ‘cued exposure exercise’ and then filled out surveys after the exposure. There was some specific difference in the reactions to professionally-created content versus the user-generated videos. But across the board, when consumers saw both, the uptick was greater. Check out the chart below.

Oddly, only “importance of key message” scored higher for professional content alone while user-generated content had higher boosts in the other categories.

Percent of Audience Exhibiting Specified Responses to Video ContentMar. 2012: Total U.S.
Professionally-ProducedUser-GeneratedPP & UG Together
Emotional intensity77%84%85%
Key message communication55%60%65%
Easy to relate to79%83%87%
Importance of key message84%80%89

This prompted the following conclusion:

“We found that consumers perceived feature benefits as more believable when coming directly from the brand through professionally-produced content, while the unbiased user-gen videos were more believable in verifying specific product claims, such as superiority and convenience,” said Jessica Thorpe, Vice President of Marketing at EXPO.

So it seems like they’ve found out what some of us already had a clue about, no? Giving people a legitimate product video plus other user-generated videos means consumers are more likely to understand that product and therefore, probably are more likely to buy it.

comScore and EXPO will be conducting a webinar on Tuesday, April 3rd at 2 p.m. EDT to further explain the methodology and results of the study. Register for the webinar.


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