Hang Out With President Obama On Google Plus Hangouts

Hang Out With President Obama On Google Plus Hangouts

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President Obama seems like a pretty regular guy… someone you could hang out with, even. Most of us never get to meet a sitting U.S. President, let along hang out with one. But today, in just a handful of hours, you can do just that on the White House YouTube Channel, as President Obama hosts a live streaming Google Plus Hangouts session.

President Obama On Google Plus Hangouts

Whether it’s because Obama is progressive with technology, or simply that he is the sitting president during the online video revolution, he and his administration are developing a reputation for being savvy with online marketing and social media. And a live Google Plus Hangouts session is only going to further that reputation.

Participants in the actual live Hangout room will be hand-selected question-askers, but anyone can watch the live Hangout even if they’re not technically “in the room” or able to talk directly to the President.

YouTube’s been collecting questions for President Obama for more than a week now, and claims that 225,000 viewers have sent in a question or voted on other submitted questions. The best of those questions will be asked during the live Hangout, with the in-person Hangout attendees making up the rest of the questions.

Obama is very comfortable on camera and is an incredible communicator, so I’m sure he’ll do fine. But it’s important to note that this kind of thing is the future even if the sitting President doesn’t like it. For future presidents, live Google Plus Hangouts will probably be commonplace. In the video-driven future, on-camera ability is going to be more important than ever to hopeful candidates to the highest office in the land.

Oh, and whether or not you realize it… most business owners and CEOs have the same future in store for themselves, as prospective customers begin to demand video content and video becomes the predominant form of online communication.

You can click here to check out the White House YouTube Channel where the live Hangouts session will be broadcast.


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