Pre-roll Video Ads Dominate, 15-Sec Ads Completed Most Often at YuMe

Pre-roll Video Ads Dominate, 15-Sec Ads Completed Most Often at YuMe

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YuMe has put out their Q2 2012 Video Metrics report that shows a good deal of information about the video advertising that they served up for the quarter. They found that pre-rolls still dominated with massive percentages of all ads shown with other formats like YuMe Ads, Connected TV, mobile, and banner ads accounting for a small fraction overall. California, Texas and New York consumed the most of them and men are more tolerant of online video ads.


As always, I like to show you how the numbers were gathered, so here is YuMe’s own methodology write up:

YuMe serves in-stream video ads on the 2,000+ publisher sites who are members of its Connected Audience Network as well as publishers utilizing its video ad management system ACE for Publishers (AFP). YuMe statistics presented in this report are generated
from data recorded with every ad request and ad served across the YuMe network and
received by AFP. The statistics are solely representative of YuMe’s network and may not
be a reflection of the overall online video marketplace. Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of data presented, but data is not guaranteed to be accurate.

And, again as always, they earn mad props from me for being upfront about the numbers gathering and the fact that it will really only be highly accurate for their network and not the overall industry. There’s a lot of information in the report but I want to only look at some interesting bits that apply more broadly.

Pre-Roll Roll Over Other Formats

YuMe offers a good deal of ad formats, about 18 or so. All are very similar but offer differing variations and capabilities.

For the most part, pre-rolls have always been dominant, and in Q2 2012 they still were accounting for 76% of all ads. The interesting thing is that it’s down 8% from the previous quarter. That eight percent went to YuMe Ads (YuMe’s Expanded View, InSynch Video Takeover, Lights Out, PowerRoll, PowerRoll Data Connect, SideKick, Overlay, Branded Player, Multiplay, Ad Selector, Ngage, or Custom Made), mobile (3% extra). There’s 1% missing in the Q2 report, probably from rounding. Banner and connected TV percentages didn’t change.

Completion Rates Show Longer Ads Tolerated More

Overall in the quarter, completion rate rose 1% across all pre-rolls to 69%. However, it begs to be broken down into various lengths and YuMe did just that showing that 30-second ads were most popular in the quarter with advertisers, but 15-second ads were completed the most. The biggest change in the quarter, was the increase in ads that were longer than 30 seconds showing that perhaps, with a shift toward more long-form online video viewing, there is room to show longer ads as well.

40% completion rates for ads longer than 30 seconds is pretty good actually. With their continued growth and the higher completion rate it looks like viewers are becoming more accustomed to longer ads online.

The Battle of the Sexes

It also seems to be that men have become far more tolerant of ads in general. Last quarter women topped men in terms of average completion rates while Q2 2012 showed that men gained 9% and topped women overall. Completion rates also seem to run along expected demographic (age) categories.

Largest Video Ad Markets in the U.S.

California clearly took the largest majority of all ads viewed and Texas and New York tied for second with 7.6% each. A lot of it seems to run along not only population lines but also among technological ones with more rural states having much lower percentages.

Rock on YuMe! Thanks for the snapshot of your online video ad network. For the full Q2 2012 Video Advertising Metrics Report. Remember, these numbers are for YuMe’s network and might not extend to the full online video advertising marketplace, but they’re an interesting snapshot.


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