The Power of Web Video for Link Building: Video Attracts Links

The Power of Web Video for Link Building: Video Attracts Links

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Casey Henry over at SEOmoz did some number crunching on the posts there to get a grip on what kind of in-linking was going on and what kind of content was generating the in-links. In terms of quality, four of the top five categories had video in them which gave me an idea, does video have some mojo in terms of link-building for SEO?

The author of that post broke down content into three types; lists, images and videos. He looked over data for some 3800 articles there and normalized for number of articles per category for some types of data analysis. However, what we’re interested in really is how well video works for building up in-links to a site. Of course, there are some other factors that will come into play like quality of content both in the text surrounding the video and in the video itself, the relevance of the content to the readers, etc.

Posts with lists, images and a video in them scored the highest in terms of in-linking domains with content that just had images and video not far behind. This reinforces something else I read some time back talking about reader perception of important of news based on whether there was video in it.

With video, the perception of importance soared, and that caused me to work more video into the news posts at my own site, Gamers Daily News, whenever possible. Of course, because we’re news we always have an image in the article as they gets pushed out to the social networks and Google News. It makes for far more interesting presentation there which is extremely important in getting people to click through to the site and since that’s the whole point of being on Google News it’s best to do all you can to get those people to the site.

Third place in his findings was lists and images, but the content at that site is mostly about search engine optimization and those type of informational, how-to articles generally can use a list to put a lot of content across in a short space. Just behind that is video and anything showing that regardless of what other type of content is present, video will help boost it above other content types in terms of linkbuilding power.

In fact, in this particular research, video by itself tied for fifth with lists plus anything and only lists and videos. So over there, the only content combination that managed to crack the top five and not include video was the “lists and images” content combo.

Again, the research is limited to articles at just one site and a very specific sort of content overall (search engine optimization) which could account for some of this. There were two summation points from the original article that I wanted to share as well.

  • Posts with videos included will attract almost 3X more ILDs (In-Linking Domains) than a plain text post.
  • Posts with all three media types (videos, images, and lists) will attract almost 6 times more ILDs than a plain text post.

So video inclusion alone can triple in-linking over just standard text. That goes hand-in-hand with that article I read about video increasing the perceived importance of news articles as well. Internet users, in general, seem to put a great deal of importance on video and it shows. They are more likely to want to share that content with others as are other site owners. So not only do standard Internet users think it important, other website owners view it as important as well which helps build in-linking.

Now, there is all manner of other things to take into account when you are going to embed video into an article and that’s an entire other article altogether, especially if the video is going to be the main content on the site. Luckily, loads of research and articles have been written on that, including plenty, right here at ReelSEO.


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