Pornhub Has a Plan to Save the Environment: One Online Video at a Time

Pornhub Has a Plan to Save the Environment: One Online Video at a Time

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America Got Wood This Arbor Day From a Most Unusual Source. Yeah, there’s a pun there and when you see the content of the article you will totally get why that is. You see it’s Arbor Day America! Well it was last Friday in some States. Each State has a slightly differing view of when Arbor Day should be so they vary from March in warmer climates where the ground is not still frozen through to the last Friday in April, like in Wisconsin, so that the ground has a chance to thaw. But what has all this got to do with online video?

If you’re clever and got your jimmy hat on, you already figured out that the wood in the title was in fact a double entendre in that America did in fact get wood – as in trees planted for Arbor Day – and they also got wood, thanks to Pornhub who put on a unique Arbor Day marketing campaign. Now, it is not often that I get to talk about porn here and we all know there are two types of people in the world, those who watch porn… and those who lie about it. So this campaign should get a rise out of everyone with eyeballs.

You see, Pornhub decided that Arbor Day was the perfect day for them to get a piece of ash, well, for everyone to do so really. For every 100 videos viewed in a specific category (see image below) Pornhub would donate a tree. So basically they said “hey watch some porn and we’ll plant a tree.” And while master debaters will wag their tongues long into the future about the efficiency of such a campaign, it looks like it clearly hit the proverbial spot with the viewers.

The tally whacked its way up to 11,363 trees planted. On the video side of things that means they racked up over 1.1 million views… of racks. Too bad they didn’t “pole” their viewers on which was their favorite so we could all pull out the most popular piece.

pornhub arbor day campaign

Alright, that’s enough. Well done Pornhub, thanks for inserting a little humor into the very serious topic of porn, I mean Arbor Day and the environment.


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