Pokémon Go Outplays Minecraft to Become Most Watched Gaming Video Content

Pokémon Go Outplays Minecraft to Become Most Watched Gaming Video Content

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Despite being launched less than a month ago, the hottest app of the year, Pokémon Go, has already surpassed 100 million downloads, and continues to earn its parent company over $10M a day in revenue. Such is the popularity of the app, time spent collecting Pokémon is also eating into other leisure activities, such as watching Netflix, or engaging with social media. Unsurprisingly, views and engagements relating to Pokémon video uploads has skyrocketed across the main social video sites since the beginning of July 6th, with Pokémon surpassing Minecraft as the most popular gaming video content in the last 30 days.

We’ll be taking a deep-dive into how brands and media companies can learn to leverage video marketing  from the success of the Pokémon Go app in a following post. But first, using data from Tubular, we can take a look at how Pokémon has already changed the ecosystem of gaming videos online.

Pokémon Go Videos: Key Takeaways

  • Pokémon Go videos have garnered 7.7B cross-platform video views in the last 30 days.
  • Those 7.7B views are 50% of the total views generated for Pokémon content in the whole of the last 12 months!
  • Pokémon Go has dethroned Minecraft to become the king of gaming video content.
  • User-generated content, primarily from news and other gaming publishers is driving the Pokémon Go video phenomenon.

Pokémon and Cross-platform Video

In the last 365 days, videos that include references to Pokémon generated 15.4B views across the main social platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram. But such is the hunger for Pokémon content since the launch of the app, 7.7B of those views have been generated in the last 30 days alone! Over the past 12 months, Pokémon videos (branded and user-generated uploads) have attracted 15.4B views, and 464M engagements via 234K uploads. But since July 4th 2016, video content that features Pokémon has generated a staggering 7.7B views, and 270M engagements from 90K uploads

Pokemon Go video uploads
Cross-platform video uploads relating to ‘Pokemon’ content – to July 25th 2016 (All data via Tubular Labs)

Saturday 16th July 2016 saw the most activity so far on Pokémon video content, with a peak of 450M cross-platform video views, and 14.8M cross-platform likes, shares, comments, and other engagements. It’s no surprise that activity hit an all-time high on that date, as the app was just released to most European countries, 10 days after it had been launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Online Video: Pokémon vs Minecraft

YouTube has confirmed that uploads of Pokémon Go videos to the platform have already received twice as much watch-time (YouTube’s biggest ranking factor) than ‘Overwatch’. Although YouTube doesn’t specify numbers, it states that since its launch, Pokémon Go is now one of the top 3 games, after ‘Minecraft’, and ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

Minecraft has long been the king of gaming across the social video platforms, averaging around 1.4B video views a month since 2013, increasing to around 3B video views a month since July 2014. So, how has it performed in relation relative to Pokémon Go? According to Tubular:

  • In the 18 days leading up to Pokémon Go’s release, Minecraft earned 4.1B views, 87M engagements and 9K uploads. This is 832% more views, 828% more engagements and 132% of the uploads of Pokémon in the same time frame.
  • However, this has changed drastically since Pokémon Go’s release. Minecraft earned 4.1B views, 88M engagements, and 8K uploads in the 18 days after Pokémon Go was released. Comparatively, Minecraft’s numbers equal only 84% of Pokémon’s views, 41% of Pokémon Go Outplays Minecraft to Become Most Watched Gaming Video Content Pokémon’s engagements, and a mere 14% of Pokémon’s uploads over this same time frame

At its peak popularity (July 16th 2016), Pokémon Go earned nearly double the video views of Minecraft (448,242,573 vs. 248,111,088 or 1.8x). And, Pokémon Go videos earned nearly double the views in the first 7 days than Minecraft Videos after release (75,169.71 vs. 41,839.31 or 1.8x). Wow.

Top Performing Channels for Pokémon Go Videos

The top 5 video publishers in terms of views and engagement are news or general gaming brands. UNILAD, The Lad Bible, and NowThis, have generated a combined 539M cross-platform video views since the launch of the app.

Pokemon Go Top Publishers
Top 5 performing publishers for Pokémon Go content (07/04/16 to 08/04/16) All data via Tubular

Before Pokémon Go’s release, the top 5 channels were Influencers (not brands) or Pokémon’s official Japanese Channel:

Pokemon top channels pre July 2016
Top 5 performing publishers for Pokemon content pre-July 2016 (All data via Tubular)


They are the top publishers, but what are the 5 most watched videos about Pokémon Go since the app release? The following data is correct at time of writing:

#1 When Pokémon Go Gets Violet – UNILAD (59M Views)

#2 Pokémon Go Prank! – Logan Paul (51M Views)

#3 Pokémon Go Egg Hatching – GameSpot (42M Views)

#4 Teen Blames Pokémon Go for Getting Hit by a Car – NowThis (41M Views)

#5 Hilarious Drunken Pokémon Go Rant – UNILAD (39M Views)

Make sure you follow Tubular Insights for more strategy advice around video marketing. We’ll be taking a closer look at how brands can benefit from the success of thePokémon Go app, and learn what is to be gained from Influencer and other types of marketing.


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