Plastic Surgery Channel Ready for Final Cut

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I’m not exactly sure if something is right with the world or wrong with it when we need a channel that offers infotainment about cosmetic surgery. But I’ll try not to cast an aspersions here if I can.

The Plastic Surgery Channel (, a new online television network, aims to provide prospective patients with information and entertaining educational programs (“edutainment”) on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. All shows are streamed in broadcast quality HD video, and because the network is offered online, viewers can tune into programs 24/7 to find information and insight wherever they are.

Edutainment about plastic surgery? Will it be like a game of Operation where you’re watching the surgeon try not to ‘hit the sides’ and shock himself?

In addition to a weekly newscast hosted by Lindsay Hall, The Plastic Surgery Channel offers an ever-expanding library of Patient Education videos with renowned reconstructive and cosmetic surgery experts, as well as informative and easy-to-understand articles on more than 40 cosmetic procedures. Network executives are currently developing a roster of feature programs, and the channel will debut shows throughout 2009 to increase the value to consumers and surgeons.

Alright, so they’re aiming at those of you with disposable income and a longing for a new nose. It’s not actually aimed at people who need reconstructive surgery due to some malady or unfortunate situation. No, this is aimed at people who want Paris’ nose or Brad’s butt for their very own.

I can’t say I agree with it really, but it is indeed a clever use of online video. Additionally, I bet they’re going to be running some ads for relevant products so those of you in the medical peripheries have a new place to place ads soon. Well I guess those of you in the luxury lifestyle market might as well. Because I firmly believe that no matter what they say at PSC, plastic surgery still is the bastion of the wealthy or famous. Either way, I’m grossed out now just by the thought of seeing a surgery.


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