Peugeot Presents Racy Interactive Video To Sell A Lifestyle, Cars

Peugeot Presents Racy Interactive Video To Sell A Lifestyle, Cars

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There are a number of ways video makers can get their audience to become active viewers.  We always talk about calls-to-action within videos, asking your viewers to comment, answer questions, subscribe, etc.  Those calls-to-action get people talking about your video and if you’re really good at it, will help your video in search.  But there are ways to get people to become actual participants in the video, letting them choose where they would like to go next via links, very much like a Choose Your Own Adventure story.  French car maker Peugeot has done just that with their 208 series, and it’s pretty fun.

Peugeot’s Racy, Fun Interactive Video Ad For The 208 Series

Here is the ad.  While the video blurs out most of the racy bits (but in some cases, doesn’t) this could be objectionable to some viewers:

So, does this ad really just say, “Cheating boyfriends get a brand new car,” as seems to be the sentiment in the top comments?  Well, I guess it could be construed that way.  Bad boys get all the spoils, and that could just reinforce your anger about that.  But how about this sentiment: It’s for people who can think on their feet.  It’s for people who are resourceful.  It’s for people who can get into an embarrassing situation and keep their pride.  It doesn’t just have to be a reinforcement of cheating behavior.  Never mind that many times, we actually look up to those people for their abilities to score.

And what happens if you make the wrong decision in this video?  Well, you’re treated to a funny “endgame” where the main character (who, by now, you should realize is “you”) is arrested or beat up or some other shame, and all because you didn’t want to “let your body drive.”

And what does that mean, exactly?  “Let your body drive?”  It means, run.  Don’t think about it too long or you’ll make the wrong decision.  It should appeal to those who aren’t “thinkers” but “doers.”  And yeah, a lot of us can step back and say, “Yes, but this seems to uphold immoral behavior!”  Now take another step back and realize, “This ad isn’t supposed to appeal to everyone.”

If Peugeot wanted everyone, they’d sell Camrys.  They want to associate their brand with fun and frolic, much like the BMW “The Hire” ads wanted to associate themselves with visceral excitement and danger.  Those ads weren’t meant for everyone, either.  What we try to emphasize many times here at ReelSEO is the idea of a “quality view.”  You don’t need a viral video to get to the right audience.  But you know what?  This Peugeot interactive ad is at over 2 million views, so I think they’re happy with that.

The Peugeot ad is another creative example of brands getting their product out there and using video in an interesting way.


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