Upload Periscope Streams to YouTube as Part of a Multi-Platform Video Strategy

Upload Periscope Streams to YouTube as Part of a Multi-Platform Video Strategy

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Building a community around your brand and engaging with its most passionate members is going to be critical for marketers, content creators and anyone else using online video in 2016 and onward. Hopefully as readers of this site, that’s no surprise.

But that’s one major reason why Periscope can help you better engage with your audience and is worth a look if you are planning to expand your reach across multiple platforms this year.

Why Post Periscope Videos to YouTube?

Or Facebook, or Instagram Video? The idea here is that the secondary location where you post your Periscope videos should be whatever platform is home to your primary video audience. Not only does posting your Periscope video give it a place to live that lasts longer than 24 hours (they are deleted from Periscope servers after that) but it gives you an opportunity to promote your Periscope videos, while also benefiting your main distribution outlet.

Although Periscope was originally created as a portrait-style video broadcasting app, it has supported landscape mode since September of last year. Keep that in mind if you plan to upload your scopes to a secondary location. There is no better way to annoy users than to give them a portrait video when they are expecting widescreen. Thankfully, they have made the process very simple in that you only need to rotate your phone to switch the mode. If you have even the slightest inkling you may want to load your video to another site, flip your phone!

How to Post Periscope Videos to YouTube

When it comes to ease of use, Periscope really got things right. Simply turn on “Autosave Broadcast” in your Periscope settings and any scope you record is saved directly to your Gallery. From there, it can be loaded straight to YouTube (or another platform) or downloaded and edited with your favorite video editing software.

Another trick to keep in mind with Periscope to make it look a little more professional is to use a second camera source. The simplest way to do that is to use the front and rear facing camera on your device. Once again, it’s simple to do, just double tap the screen of your device and it should switch between the two cameras, give you a more dynamic effect.

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Keeping Your Periscopes Relevant Long-term

Creators like Andy Dick are running lengthy livestreams, engaging their audience, and then using YouTube for additional exposure and as a place to save their video once Periscope’s 24 hour period has expired. Ellen has even Scoped her monologue and loaded it back to YouTube.

The ability to edit your live streams makes it not only a great place to save your files long-term, but allows you to take repurpose your most useful live moments. It all comes back to finding new and interesting ways to engage with your audience, which they are doing through Periscope, with the added benefit of YouTube to reinforce that usage.


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