Panache To Up Your Video Ad IQ

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lightbulbSo what’s your online video ad IQ? You don’t know? It’s OK, no matter what it is,it probably isn’t enough. With the rapid rate at which it’s all growing and changing who can possibly know what they really need to? Well, Panache can help, so we’re told.Panache is a video ad sales, facilitation and reporting firm who is now ready to supply you with the Panache Ad IQ, real-time video ad effectiveness reporting for major online video publishers. With better information comes better results and that’s the plan over at Panache. They believe they can give you all the important data in a way that will help you make the most of it.

“As more television programming is delivered via broadband, content publishers need advanced yet simplified ad effectiveness reporting solutions to increase ad sales and drive their online video publishing efforts to profitability,” said Steve Robinson, Panache’s president. “Panache Ad IQ’s robust reporting functionality coupled with our work flow facilitation as well as products and tools for a publisher’s direct sales efforts all provide a complete, end-to-end monetization solution for major publishers.”

Blah, blah blah, what it really is, is visually presented data that saves you time and gives you the data you need. They claim it’ll  be deep insight into the rich, in-depth sets of data that the Panache platform collects and that it captures all video player interaction, ad exposure, ad comparison and ad interaction data and correlates this information into easy-to-understand at-a-glance analysis.

“In today’s environment, with pressure to justify every dollar spent, ad effectiveness reporting is not simply a value-add for major programmers and media companies, but a requirement to build a profitable and sustainable video publishing business on the Web,” added Robinson.

Panache’s ad-insertion platform, products and professional services support all areas of a video publisher’s inside ad sales: custom campaigns as well as standard ads, workflow facilitation and precise, visually based real-time ad efficacy reporting for publishers, their agencies and advertisers.


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