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DivX is the brand name for products created by DivX, Inc. It has become very popular due to its capability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes keeping relatively high visual quality.

The DivX uses MPEG-4 Part 2 compression, where quality is balanced against file size. The latest generation of DivX 6 was launched in 2005 and expanded the scope of DivX from being just a codec and a player by adding a media container format to the platform.

This new file format of DivX 6 is called DivX Media Format that includes support for the features like interactive video menus, multiple subtitles, multiple audio tracks, multiple video streams, chapter points, other metadata, multiple format and partial backwards compatibility with AVI. While video encoded with the DivX is in MPEG-4 video format but the DivX Media Format is analogous to media container formats like QuickTime. The DivX Web Player 1.0.1 demonstrates effectively 720p HD playback inside major browsers for Windows and Mac OS.

The DivX Player is available as a cute plug-in that allows DivX videos to be played straight away on your web browser, it also provides a convenient tool for embedding high-quality DivX videos into the web pages if required.

The main features of the DivX web player are:

  • Play any video format in DivX video player.
  • Cross-platform support – compatible with nearly every popular web browser
  • Superior compression ratio that enables higher quality video at smaller file size.
  • Built-in full-screen mode by double-clicking on the screen switches you can playback the video files to full-screen mode for a more cinema like experience.
  • Full-screen navigation controls by left clicking in full-screen mode you can access the convenient video navigation controls.
  • Allows the users to watch videos in a separate window while continuing their surfing by right clicking on the player to access it.

One of the important features of the DivX player is that it allows HD playback and supports DivX high definition video file formats. Its skinnable feature allows the webmasters to personalize the player to match their web page requirements. The multiple audio track features supports multiple audio tracks, the subtitles feature allows the user to include subtitles in multiple languages. The desktop dimmer feature of this player automatically dims the desktop screen around the web player while videos are playing to provide a better viewing experience to the user.

There are over numerous DivX Certified players are available to the consumers world over from the leading brands like Sony, Philips etc. Players bear the DivX Certified logo usually undergo a rigorous regimen of testing to ensure interoperability, security, and visual quality.

DivX Certified players enable users to create, play, and share high-quality video content across the host of devices and platforms. The DivX players are getting more and more popular due to the unique features like HD format compatibility.

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