Overlay Ads Continue To Pull Impressions From Pre-Roll At AdoTube

Overlay Ads Continue To Pull Impressions From Pre-Roll At AdoTube

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AdoTube will, today, release their Q2 2011 In-Stream Ad Format Index. The index collects data surrounding their various in-stream ads like user choice Polite Pre-roll, branded overlay, Interactive overlay and standard pre-roll and other things. The numbers, while they come from an in-stream advertising technology company and only apply to their customers, are always an interesting read and this quarter does not disappoint.
AdoTube is showing some 75-125 million in-video ad impressions per week so 300-500 million a month. To put that in perspective, Hulu shows around 900MM to 1 billion ads a month.

The index is the result of analysis on 5.3 billion impressions served across the AdoTube Network and provides an overview of the growth and effectiveness of different in-stream video ad formats across industry verticals. So that must mean they do not classify all ads as ‘in-video’ since the numbers for the week wouldn’t match up with the quarterly statement of 5.3 billion. Some of that might be made up for by other types of ads. An average month would be 1.76 billion ads for a quarter to reach 5.3B.

Overlay’s Take Away from Pre-Roll

The majority (59%) of AdoTube impressions are video ads (pre-rolls) while 41% are split over branded overlay (16%) and interactive overlay. In fact, those numbers just changed drastically for overlays as interactive took 5% away from the Q1 2011 branded overlay numbers, 4% from pre-roll and 1% from polite pre-roll. That’s definitely an interesting trend. Early in the year I had mentioned that I thought interactivity was going to be a driving factor for video ads this year and it seems like AdoTube users seem to agree and are putting more faith in them.

And why wouldn’t they? Being able to print coupons, get more information, sign up for newsletters with deals in them are all great ways to increase brand engagement and some, if not all, of those things could be achieved in an interactive overlay.

Since Q2 2010, overlays have consumed 22% of AdoTube impressions. That quarter saw branded overlay account for just 4% and interactive just 15%. There has certainly been a shift away from standard pre-roll since last year at AdoTube and has continued to dwindle the use of standard pre-roll by customers.

In fact, the faith in those interactive overlays can also be seen their rising CPMs which, aside from a large blip Q1 2011 have been climbing steadily. Well, that is, if you consider going from 0.8% growth per quarter to 1.8% for Q1 and 1.2% for Q2 2011 a large blip. It certainly shows consistent gains and more than the branded ads which have been averaging around 0.5% CPM growth per quarter.

View Through Rate

AdoTube also offers an Ad Selector which allows a viewer to choose one of a selection of videos from a single brand, as opposed to some other offerings which give a user a choice of several different videos from various providers.

The Ad Selector seems to be quite popular with viewers as the CTR hung in round 5.8% and 25%, 100% view-thru and retention rates all topped those of either of the pre-roll offerings.

The 10% higher retention rate for Ad selector shows that giving the viewers the choice of what to watch seems to trump offering them a way out. But that’s to be expected as you can skip out of the Polite pre-roll but you can’t from the Ad Selector where you have to watch through to get to the content you want.

It certainly seems like they have got a winner there for both brands and viewers. With the 5.8% CTR it seems that the ads are generating a lot of interest and it also seems that since the video ad content is more in tune with what the viewer wants they are willing to sit and watch more of it. There could be some skewing factors though, for example, the content the ads ran on and the availability of that content in other places with less/no ads.

Overall, AdoTube is just a slice of the industry but it is good to see that all of the numbers are going in a generally positive direction on a quarterly basis. Their wide range of unique offerings certainly has something to do with that I’m sure. On their ad formats page they have some 14 different types of ad formats they offer. It seems they’ve got something for everyone and a good number of video viewers don’t seem to mind all of their ads all that much.


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