B2B Case Study Orabrush Tells YouTube Success Story To Walmart

B2B Case Study Orabrush Tells YouTube Success Story To Walmart

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I often use the Orabrush case study when I teach the Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing courses in the Rutgers Mini-MBA Program.  The Orabrush success story illustrates how a small business in Salt Lake City used a YouTube channel to sell over 1 million units of its tongue cleaner.

The Orabrush YouTube Success Story

I show Orabrush’s first video: “Bad Breath Test – How to Tell When Your Breath Stinks,” which has more than 15.8 million views.

Then, I show “The Story of Orabrush,” which explains how Dr. Bob Wagstaff, the 75-year-old inventor of the Orabrush, spent 8 years trying to bring Orabrush to market.

Finally, I show “The Orabrush YouTube story: How to build your brand using video.”  Jeffrey Harmon, the Chief Marketing Officer of Orabrush, explains how Dr. Wagstaff offered him an old motorcycle in return for helping to market Orabrush.

Invariably, one of the participants in my courses asks, “Do you have any B2B case studies?”

Well, I do.  Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” campaign is a B2B case study.  The company’s initial target audience was the small business owners of restaurants, smoothie shops, and coffee shops.  And “Will It Blend?” delivered a 700 percent increase in sales.

Orabrush B2B Video Case Study

But I was given another B2B case study last week by the folks at … Orabrush.

On Sept. 20, 2011, the company announced the immediate availability of the Orabrush tongue cleaner at 3,500 Walmart stores throughout the United States, an accomplishment credited to Orabrush’s large online following and success on YouTube.

In a press release, Jeff Davis, the CEO of Orabrush, said, “To my knowledge, there have been few, if any, products to go from no sales, online or offline, to full nationwide distribution by using YouTube videos in just two years.”  He should know.  Davis spent 23 years at Procter & Gamble before joining Orabrush as CEO in September 2010.

Davis added, “Online video is the core of our Reverse Marketing Model.  The unconventional approach we’ve taken creates high levels of awareness with consumers online, fosters demand for the product in stores and forms retail partnerships to meet consumers’ need for convenience.  What Orabrush has accomplished was impossible just a few years ago.  The technology simply didn’t exist.”

Last week’s announcement marks the first time that the Orabrush will be carried in Walmart stores nationwide and brings the total number of retail locations carrying the Orabrush to more than 10,000 throughout the world.  For the backstory, watch “CASE STUDY: How Orabrush got into Walmart.”

I confess that I’d been tipped off that the Walmart announcement was in the works.

Harmon and I were both speakers at the “Social Media Solutions on a Budget” session at SES San Francisco 2011.  Afterwards, Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Harmon about “Test Your Breath With an iPhone – Bad Breath Detector.”  The YouTube video has driven over 300,000 downloads of the Orabrush iPhone app.

During the interview, Harmon told Gordon the backstory on the Walmart deal – on condition that we embargoed the video until the official announcement was made.  To learn more about both YouTube success stories, watch “How Walmart began selling Orabrush, the tongue cleaner for bad breath.”

So, I’ve now got two YouTube success stories.

The first is a B2C case study.  After several failed attempts to get the product on store shelves using traditional methods, Dr. Wagstaff joined forces with Harmon, then a student at Brigham Young University, who believed that the tongue brush could find success online. Two years ago the company started with a single video on YouTube and has since cultivated a massive, loyal online following.

The second is a B2B case study.  The company’s social community has played a critical role in breaking into traditional retail by demanding to see the Orabrush in the stores they frequent the most.  According to Davis, “Over the past two years, tens of thousands of fans have asked on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, ‘When are you going to be in stores?’ We are excited to see a giant like Walmart so quickly respond to demand from the social community online. This type of online to offline marketing is the future of commerce.”

And if I’ve got any time left over in my Rutgers Mini-MBA courses in Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing, I can close by showing “Orabrush the Movie – Official Trailer.”

Yep, Orabrush has a small business branding case study, too.


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