Optimizing Your Social Links and Avatar on Your YouTube Channel [Creator’s Tip #97]

Optimizing Your Social Links and Avatar on Your YouTube Channel [Creator’s Tip #97]

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It seems like an easy thing: you say “Facebook,” your viewers will follow.  While attracting viewers to your social media outlets is a great way to interact with fans, you need to do a little bit more when it comes to getting people there and giving them something to do once they arrive.  In today’s Creator’s Tip, we’ll talk about how to make your viewers’ social media visit worth their while.  Also, you know that little icon that represents your channel and appears almost everywhere, called an avatar?  It might be more important than you think.

Better Your Social Media Links

Instead of “Look us up on Twitter,” try, “Ask us a question we can feature in our video.”  Try stuff like:

  • Tweet Us A Question
  • Share An Idea With Us
  • Tell Us About Yourself

social YouTube suggestionsIn other words, give them a reason to visit your account.  Allowing people to ask questions and featuring them in videos is a great call-to-action that gives your viewers the sense that they are personally involved with the channel.

Give More Consideration to Your Avatar

On the new One Channel design, many people have been trying to figure out how to make the best banners and header images, and while that’s important, the avatar (or channel icon) may be more important than you think.  It’s seen everywhere (check out this video from the YouTube Creator Academy for more info):

channel branding

  • Your channel’s home page
  • Across multiple devices
  • Search
  • The watch page
  • On the home feed when your subscribers see your channel’s activity
  • Browse page
  • YouTube guide

Because it’s seen everywhere, it’s a really good idea to focus on the avatar when creating branding images.

Like with custom thumbnails, avatars will be seen in different sizes, mostly small, and sometimes very small, like in the home page suggestions.  So pick something simple, but reflective of your brand and/or theme and can be easily recognizable and attributed back to your channel.

Do you have any comments on today’s Creator’s Tip?  Comment down below or on the watch page!


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