OpenTV + Mood Ring = Awesome Video Search?

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mood-ringYou hear the question probably every week “what are you in the mood for?” Well OpenTV and Jinni are taking that question literally with their new partnership that will let you find video content based on your mood. I wonder what will show up when it turns black?

Sure searching by keyword, category, genre, actor and even director are cool. But what if you want to search by happy, sad, neurotic, insane, depressed or flabbergasted? Well, you might not be able to search by flabbergasted, but you should be able to do so by most of the others starting with the latest version of OpenTV’s Core2 middleware which is set to launch near the end of the year.

The new version will incorporate Jinni’s new search and recommended viewing based on mood. Since the amassed wealth of video viewing choices is reaching astronomical numbers, Jinni and OpenTV thought that yet another way to search or have videos recommended would be a good idea and so they’re enabling the new mood-based search.The search will give you access to numerous video sources and will return suggestions based on the mood. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a remote control mood ring that both changed color based on your mood and then sent that information to your OpenTV device to automatically find the content for you? I guess that’s asking too much.

OpenTV Core2’s integrated search will allow viewers to find content across multiple sources, as well as get programming recommendations based on personal tastes. Are you feeling the love? Then you need a romantic comedy. In the mood for a little action? Here come’s the latest hollywood blockbuster or thriller.

Actual moods already stated include: funny, dark, suspenseful and gripping. Though I’m not sure that gripping is actually a mood. The good news is that you can add in other more traditional search words as well like actor, genre, etc.

It’s certainly a novel approach to video search that’s for sure. I would have to say that it falls somewhere between Stumbleupon which randomly gives you sites you might like and genre which is basically what you search for when you’re in a mood for something.

Me? I’m in the mood for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I wonder what that would get me? Sesame Street? A cooking show?

It could be quite cool really. I mean every once in a while we need a new way to find the things we like and this seems like as good a way as any already available. I’m interested to find out how many ‘moods’ there will be and if we’ll get a mood guide or if it will just be a drop down menu of some sort. Either way, it might finally help men get in touch with their emotions but will probably end up just serving us soul-searching, buddy cop movies with lots of nudity, foul language and bullets.


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