Online Video Viewers Rise While Videos and Viewing Time are Steady in August

Online Video Viewers Rise While Videos and Viewing Time are Steady in August

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More people watched video online in August than in any previous month, but they watched fewer videos and spent less time doing it according to the monthly comScore Video Metrix report. With the Olympics being available online for 12 days of that month, I find it odd. Perhaps those sites aren’t part of the comScore customer base…

While the online video audience grew by almost four million, the number of ‘videos’ they watched remained lower than the highest point, at 37.7 billion. Remember, comScore states a ‘video’ “is defined as any streamed segment of audiovisual content, including both progressive downloads and live streams. For long-form, segmented content, (e.g. television episodes with ad pods in the middle) each segment of the content is counted as a distinct video stream.Video views are inclusive of both user-initiated and auto-played videos that are viewed for longer than 3 seconds.

So, as I always like to point out, it’s not exactly the amount of content being consumed, it’s an inflated number based on somewhat arbitrary length (3 seconds) and segments of video where an ad breaks up the content. So if every piece of video had one ad, the number of actual videos is halved, etc. Not to mention, three seconds is so tiny when content is averaging 6.7 minutes. But wait a minute, is that the length between beginning and first ad pod? If so, I don’t see that number growing too quickly, nor being highly accurate. They say that along with that 6.7 minutes per video, video ads were steady at 0.4 minutes each, or 24 seconds on average.

Where we viewed the videos online

As always, Google was on top with about 80% of all viewers, down from 85% in July, or roughly 7 million viewers lost. Yahoo! nabbed many of them it seems as they jumped into second and added just about that many. Facebook, who was in second in July, plummeted to 5th place and lost 6 million video viewers. I guess it’s not the place to go watch video as some reports would say. Microsoft mugged VEVO and took third keeping the music video service in fourth again this month. Grab Media grabbed ninth spot, pushing Amazon to tenth and Turner off the chart.

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties Ranked by Unique Video Viewers
August 2012
Total U.S. – Home and Work Locations
Content Videos Only (Ad Videos Not Included)
Source: comScore Video Metrix
PropertyTotal Unique Viewers (000)Videos (000)*Minutes per Viewer
Total Internet : Total Audience188,01637,689,4841,335.4
Google Sites150,19813,772,310443.4
Yahoo! Sites55,045529,00658.6
Microsoft Sites53,671522,42640.6
AOL, Inc.45,685725,16662.8
Viacom Digital38,690405,29850.3
Grab Media, Inc.29,928231,55040.6
Amazon Sites27,874103,92616.0


YouTube Partner Channel Spotlight

On the YouTube front, they just reported that 20 of their original programming channels are getting over a million views a week! These are the channels that they sunk $100 million into, twice now I believe. So twenty million plus views a week are being generated already, it seems like it was a good investment if CPM on those views is $10 as it’s then generating $200,000 a week or roughly $10.4 million a year theoretically. Of course, there are more views coming from that money and the CPM is probably much higher, so it’s just an exercise in mathematics as they don’t publicly state the revenue. Additionally, 25 of those new channels have over 100,000 subscribers each, something that YouTube says, only 2% of channels ever achieve (according to an AdAge article)

The top channels rarely fluctuate in the comScore report with VEVO maintaining a steady first place trend. Second has flip-flopped this month with Warner Music coming out on top of Machinima. Fourth through sixth remained steady: Maker Studios, FullScreen, BroadbandTV. Schmooru jumps onto the chart in seventh pushing Big Frame to eighth. Alloy also jumped onto the chart in ninth pushing MOVIECLIPS to tenth and IGN fell off the chart.

Top YouTube Partner Channels* Ranked by Unique Video Viewers
August 2012
Total U.S. – Home and Work Locations
Content Videos Only (Ad Videos Not Included)
Source: comScore Video Metrix
PropertyTotal Unique Viewers (000)Videos (000)Minutes per Viewer
VEVO @ YouTube47,590568,66340.5
Warner Music @ Youtube24,765144,75119.5
Machinima @ YouTube21,860528,64785.0
Maker Studios Inc. @ YouTube20,909263,17746.7
FullScreen @ YouTube18,946120,56719.0
BroadbandTV @ YouTube11,11769,17317.9
Schmooru @ YouTube9,13624,9279.5
Big Frame @ YouTube8,41154,39522.3
Alloy @ YouTube7,86739,64415.3
MOVIECLIPS @ YouTube6,85520,3798.1

*YouTube Partner Reporting based on online video content viewing and does not include claimed user-generated content

Charting the Online Video Viewing Trend

As I’ve done in the past, I’m tracking and charting the monthly numbers so everyone can get an idea of what the trends look like. Unique viewers has been growing fairly steadily this year while number of minutes has sort of leveled off since the big jump in January. Videos dropped in the middle of the year but looks to be fairly steady and seem to be gaining ground again.

MonthUnique Viewers (millions)videos (billions)minutes per viewer (right Y axis)


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