Universal SERPS – Video Results Get Higher Clicks

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At SES NY this year, one theme that dominated conversations and was clearly more of a focus this year than that of years past was that online video is powerful.

In one panel, Steve Espinosa, Director of Product Dev. and Management for eLocal, told attendees,

“You are 2.2x more likely to get a click from a Search Engine Results Page if you have a sponsored result and a local listing, but if you have a video plus local your 3.2x more likely”

I think this is a very interesting statement and I would love to see some eyetracking heat maps of universal SERPs as well as some statistics. Not that I doubt Steve at all, but to be honest, I would have thought that this would be much higher. Perhaps Steve was referring to search engine results pages on the eLocal platform in particular?

Does anyone have research information related to this? Please share.

Also, Steve shared some additional tips for video search optimization:

– File type, do it in SWFs
– Do not use Active X Controls inside movies
– Use Google’s video sitemaps
– Host your own video files
– Drive traffic to your site and not theirs
– Branding Branding Branding
– Build a page for each video you produce


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